Teamgee T3 Electric Unicycle Review & How To Ride

The electric unicycle is really cool looking and it fun to watch people ride it. It does have a larger learning curve than the hover boards. It is not something that your friends and try and ride right away. It will take some practice to get good at it. Here’s how I think it you should learn to ride.

1. Get help getting started and riding straight.
2. Work on getting on to it yourself with no help
3. Turns and circles

The included strap was not much help in learning to ride it.

Get your own here:
TG T3 Electric Unicycle:


David Tucker says:

No one can say first now.

lasersbee says:

The specs say the max load is 120kg. That is ~264lb.
You don’t look like you weigh over 264lbs…

TurboTurkey says:

Hey Travis when’re you going to make you a video of you off-roading that thing?!

James Lamb says:

Looks like fun! Now, do they make one for full-sized people?

heath wells says:

That’s awesome…he did great. …I agree not for us older folks. ..

Matthew Holevinski says:

nooo not the kstate! 🙂

Gran's Stuff says:

Great fun! Before you know it, ur son will be riding backwards as well 🙂

DutchRC Adventures says:

Nice video man! Great assistant you’ve got there 🙂 Would it have been helpfull if the rider would have a knee-rest in the middle you think??
Thanks for sharing!
Cheers & have a good week 🙂

dronespecialist says:

Looks pretty cool I’ve been riding a regular unicycle for a little while now and I wonder if it would be a smooth transition

David Riley says:

good on him. even if it gets retired to the garage hes developed his balance and core strength

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