Tested: Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

We’ve been testing the Focus Designs Self-Balancing Unicycle, which you may have seen Adam ride on an episode of Mythbusters. The latest V3 model can speed up to 12 miles per hour and ride uphills, all without any pedaling. Will’s become proficient at riding the SBU, and shows us how it works!

Learn more about the Focus Designs SBU at: http://focusdesigns.com/

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Norman Chan http://www.twitter.com/nchan
Will Smith http://www.twitter.com/willsmith
Joey Fameli http://www.twitter.com/joeyfameli
Adam Savage http://www.twitter.com/donttrythis
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Vembryrsigg says:

Baby Adam and Grant lol

Myles H says:

Hipster shoes

Rocketninja200 says:

So much time and resources used to build something inferior to a common bicycle… 🙂

New Flight says:

“If you hold the seat, you’re going to die, basically” I laughed so hard at that

Fuc Nut says:

This looks so uncomfortable wow I’d never use it

Elis says:

i did it for as long as my ass could take for multiple days in a row. mmmmmmmmmm

Lord Victor Halgaard says:

To quote the terminator: “I need your boots, your cape and your unicycle!” Woops I did that wrong, didn’t i? xD

TheGorrilla man says:

You would never get me on one of those death traps. Is Norm wearing woman’s pants? Never seen a pair of “men’s” jeans that were that form fitted.

Eric Doe says:

good review good job Will

aj2674 says:

How long would it take a non nerd to learn?

SolarizeYourLife says:

The pedals are pretty narrow, but can you stand and go with this? Probably not, I would think you would need pedals, the length of your foot, to control forward/backward movement….

Myles H says:

He’s trying to look like Adam

l2ic3 says:

“I did it for as long as my ass could take, for multiple days in a row.” -Will from Tested.

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

that fucking thing costs more than my car…. more than both of my cars… (97 accord and an isuzu rodeo/honda passport) I’m good. I can buy a $100 bicycle and be happy with that.

Ryan Kelly says:

at the end I was worried Norm was gonna hack his ankle off haha

Marcus_Mravik says:

They should have the foot rests pivot backwards with a spring so that when your ankle hits it, it just pivots backwards then springs forward when it passes you.

LoneWolf8773 says:

Stupid question: how is this different from a skinny cheaper segway that you can put away after you’re done?

Tim Short says:

Thanks Adam and Grant! That was awesome!

David S. says:

Unsubscribed because he used the Lord’s name in vain at 9:37. Bye.

Steven Whiting says:

Good review but people always look like tits riding Unicycles.

azonicrider32 says:

if this had handle bars mounted to the seatpost at a distance like a normal bike i think it would be so much better, so you can use that to turn instead of your waist.

Maxwell Edison says:

So like one of those Airwheel things but shit?

John Matthias says:

The wheel is the gyroscope for side-to-side motion.

Cole te Avacado says:

I would rather ride my actually unicycle then this piece of shit

Kyle Haley says:

What a self centered device.

DerZaubererFN says:

7:15 It is the 3rd generation!

hammyrocks69r says:

Homeless guy yelling is not normal.

Zanzubaa1 says:

So the demographic buyers for this device are dorks, clowns and children with $1800 =p

Damn I sure would like to try one for a while though, looks fun =)
Maybe I need more dorky, clown or rich child friends. Hmmm.
But clowns are in short supply… no no thats dwarfs. Regardless I don’t know any clowns =(
Dorks are inherantly anti-social. Good luck finding one to share his brand-new $1800 unicycle = /
So… I need a child with lots of money. That does not sound so bad =)

How Unicyles got me arrested for being a sexual predator. A Novel by Zanzubaa.

Swog says:

Do they still make these as on focus designs and vat19 they are out of stock even on the focus designs it is out and they are the makers

tickyul says:

5 – 7 miles on that thing, HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

zanesmith666 says:

Self satisfaction. Nice Simpsons quote Norman lol

Sam Scott says:

can u do a review on airboard ?

MrKohlenstoff says:

$1,800? You could get a car for that price. .__.

Not Available says:

is this a SoloWheel with a seat?

Joe Addison says:

“Batmobile that shit”

Carlos Peralta says:

Graceful but never cool. Put that on a T-shirt.

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