The Gotway Tesla Review with speed test!

Hello all, Welcome to the first Gotway Tesla Review. I tried my best to answer all question while covering every aspect of the wheel. It’s a fabulous machine. Should you upgrade?, Is it better than the Msuper v3? Find out! Please Like and Subscribe if you like this. Share!

If you are interested in the new Gotway Tesla Electric Unicycle go here: Their available now!

New Camera –
Old Camera – Sony A6300
Lens – Sony 10-18mm
Gimbal – Zhiyun Crane



*Riptide Electric Skateboard
*Bosted Boards
*Evolve Boards
*M1 Electric Skateboard
*Inmotion V8

See you all in the next review – Gotway M-Ten!

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Ted Raymundo says:

Great review, Tishawn. Covered all the bases thoroughly with fantastic footage.

Francesco Costa says:

Man my Tesla gives me 3 beep at 21 mile/h …is that alright ?

Marcus Gerard says:

what helmet are you using?

RonsWorldMiami says:

Nice review!! I’m definitely going to look into it! How long do it take to fully charge?

Bonzo Bonzai says:

so, 30% faster than my Inmotion V8…
a Tesla to keep in my Tesla ;D

yannick honore says:

What do you think about the ninebot z10? It looks amazzziinnngggg

EUC GUY says:

I wish someone could send me one O:)
great video !

eSk8r says:

Greetings from London, another great review by nyc best esk8 videographer 😉

Damian J says:

T, this will be my next wheel! Love the review ! So much detail! Never thought I would be interested in a gotway.


These youtubers are driving me crazy.and leaving me broke I already ordered a raptor 2. I’m about to get a one wheel xr because who knows when my raptor will come now I want this

Darryl Harris says:

nice review very informative , nice to see you in a helmet bruh. please keep the videos coming.

FarRock 6th Thoro Queens NewYork says:

Wassup bro is that gotway telsa good? Should I buy it? And I heard it shakes sometimes but I keep hearing ya name on the euc’ s we should link up if anything I’m always in city I work there

koto wheel says:

thank you for your tesla reviews. Can you tell something about how comfortable the tesla is on pavements or any irregularities of the road surface in comparison with msuper3 for instance.

Danny M says:

I currently own a OneWheel v1 and love the hell out of it. The OneWheel XR is coming out soon and I recently heard about this electric Unicycle. Which one would you recommend to get?

Gregory Barton says:

Great video. How is the unit going up hills? Can it go up a steep hill without risking a cutoff. Also,,, can you start off if you in the middle of a hill?

Vegeta says:

good video. well done!

Rainbow Squirrel says:

FASTER THAN SONIC!! AND HE’S FINALLY GOT A HELMET!! ^~^ great review, almost convinced to trash my board and get one of these haha

Nick Basso says:

mWh is milliwatt hours not milliwatts 😉

Beakerzor says:

omg, want

SheSkates 926 says:


Briny Oliver says:

Brilliant review. My mcm4 might be upgraded at some point!

Shad0z says:

waiting for this to arrive only 10 days till it is here 😀

RonsWorldMiami says:

Just ordered one! Because of review it looked really fun and well made lol I’m not sure when it’s coming but I’m sure I’ll love it.

JPxKillz says:

The thumbnail is confusing, I couldn’t even tell what it was.

Clarence Asuncion says:

Nice video. Appreciate the great review. Just wanted to make a small correction. I’m going to have to say that the tallest EUC is the Kingsong KS18.

integra says:

Great Helmet !

goe gk8511 says:

Try the monster you can sit on itXD

Andrei Petunin says:

How much of a motor buzz is there in comparison to the Inmotion V8 please? Still no button to disable the motor when lifting, I see!

Sungwon Shin says:

why am i watching? i don’t even own gotway .-.

Daniel Martynovich says:

I wish I knew about this thing before buying my ACM+ a moth ago. Although I doubt I’ll ever need to go above 30 mph (which I have reached). I prefer more bigger cusions for a more comfortable ride anyways.

Francesco Costa says:

Is The 426WH exactly the same speed and power? .the only difference is the battery life ?

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