Unicycle science – Why so many wheel sizes?

The unicycle is a pretty simple device: a seat, some pedals, a crank and a wheel. You wouldn’t really think that the idea of gears plays a role in unicycles. In reality the combination of the wheel size and crank size creates a gear. In unicycling they call this concept the total gear ratio. We wanted to discuss this concept, and introduce you to how different wheel sizes actually change what you’re able to do on a unicycle.

The Nimbus II from Unicycle.com : http://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-ii-24-inch-unicycle-blue.html

Special thanks to Unicycle.com – we’ve got a whole video on how to start riding a unicycle. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=050-blN8vxM

Here is the Kris Holmes video we did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMwpHAPxUXI

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Haralabos Lukatos says:

What is the best size wheel for begginer. How hard is to learn ride unicycle. How long time is take to learn

Yongsik Kim says:

Awesome ! I just started practicing and its very challenging..

William Zierden says:

he should ride his unicycle in the rumble in the concrete jungle at the witewater center they were at

Tewc EWC says:

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Leo Oh says:

My goodness, he made a graph out of unicycles, no wonder he’s a doctor

David Costa says:

what does it mean to have a unicycle geared and can I do it to my 20” to make it faster?

J H says:

the crank is not part of gearing, that is very misleading. the crank determines how quickly you can go full circle ie cadence, the smaller crank allows higher cadence to a certain point depending on the individual, cadence is cadence – gear is gear. the speed is a sum of your cadence and the wheel size

some people can hold higher cadence on same crank than others… ”unicycle total gear ratio” is retarded concept

Mtb Wheelie Nut says:

Is this at USNWC? The whitewater center near Charlotte, NC?

Stephen Park says:

Cool, but 2x 26″ = 52″, not 42″…

Phil Windsor says:

20mph on a unicycle im scare going walking speed on mine lol

Untamed Science says:

Here is a new short from Untamed Science! I started a new channel just for sports though, so this isn’t on our main channel. If you’re into sports, check this out!

c33r0k33 says:

awesome…. Yes it is!

Phanic! At The Carousel says:

I’m gonna get a 14″ Unicycle and I’m turning 10.

michael garr says:

Hey that was great guys!

Jason Bell says:

I see that in most of the clips you’re holding the seat grip with your left hand –
Is this relatively standard in unicycling, or is it more of a personal choice? (I’m learning and want to learn more)
Also, about the hand you’re holding with, is it that you’re left handed, or that using the weaker hand for gripping, and therefore the stronger hand/arm for balancing is better?
I don’t really know much about unicycling, anyone’s answer, however experienced, would be appreciated

Carson Loy says:

I have that exact uni haha

c33r0k33 says:

I am SOOOOooooo looking forward to the other unicycling videos!!!!

That Cuber Lady says:

Kris Holm, no S. I need to unicycle more.

mark lukeman says:

cool sport

Michael Wilkinson says:

The enthusiasm of the presenter helps to save an otherwise poor video.  The distance travelled per revolution would be easily explained with one demonstration.  There is no mention of the vital effect of crank length in the “gear ratio”.  This affects not only top speed and cruising speed, but also the leverage available when climbing or descending hills.  The video assumes that the viewer knows what a “geared 26” is without any attempt to explain.  And it’s Kris Holm, not Holmes.  This is a great sport, though.

Дмитрий Колтович says:

Hello from Russia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1vOdXBowdo&t=72s

Trulee Y says:

Very informative. Thanks!

BrettBeach89YJ says:

hittin mtb trails like……….

Skyleigh Levin says:

If u look up cathcart unicycle club im in that club its soooo fun

Joseph Neigh says:

I have wiped out before on my 36″ going 18 mph. It’s no fun. Would love to see a geared 36 run…

Cameron Foley says:

I’m getting a 24″ do you think that’s s good starter

Young Gunz says:

what is the  music at 28sec – 47sec?

1st-Take Philosophy Films says:

Sweet vid!  Check out our Unicycle short film here!


renato rosenberg says:

Hey Guys! Which one is easier to equilibrate? Tks!

Sergio V says:

Could you add a list of unicycle used? thx

Christopher Thompson says:

Didn’t account for crank size.

Sam Kim says:

looks good, I love 36′ unicycle..

CrazyCamo says:

bah!! I need a unicycle today!!! ugh, craigslist here I come..

Jack Briggs says:

to ban

HolyCarton says:

2:34 Does anyone know which unicycle brand and model that 26″ is?

Lex Macdougal says:

1:20 is it just me or are your tires REALLY squishy/low air?

Justin McGowen says:

can’t fine the link to your how to ride

52Things: Rob & Jonas says:

Here is a great new short about my friend Roland Kays! I’m going to give it a try later, but I need to rest my injured knees-

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