V5F+ Electric Unicycle! REVIEW – Self Balancing ‘One Wheel Hoverboard’

➜ Inmotion V5F+ Electric Unicycle: http://goo.gl/Mt5rhq (FREE walking-handle add-on!)

This is a self balancing (“hoverboard/hands-free segway”) single/solo wheeled electric unicycle! Its technical name, the Inmotion V5F+ from eWheels. (Think of it like a “one wheel hoverboard 🙂

It goes crazy fast, super far on a single charge, looks and feels like the Ferrari of electric unicycles:
-Top speed: ~15.5 mph (25.2 km/h)
-Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)
-Distance/Range: ~30 miles
-Battery: 460Wh
-Power: 550W

Very sleek and clean design, glossy finish. Comfortable padding (though I wish the ankle pads were built-in.) The folding ‘walking handle’ is convenient, folds down when not in use. (This is an add-on as well, user must install)
The V5F+ is very agile and precise, easy to weave in and out with its high pedals and 14″ wheel. The power is insane, I’ve tried pushing it to its limit, flying up and down steep hills, jumping up and down curbs, off-roading, flying off dirt jumps(!), and it still rides strong.

It has bluetooth built-in, easy to connect to the Inmotion SCV app and control your max speed, travel log, update firmware, and adjust other settings.

Overall, the V5F+ looks, feels, and rides like the Ferrari of electric unicycles! It’s an all around premium product, and possibly one of the best on the market right now.

➜ View current pricing & info: http://goo.gl/Mt5rhq

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David Oliva says:

do you know what’s the time limit to charge because I want i
one but don’t want it to explode like the hover bord

JoeStefan says:

Hello, waiting for you to review inmotion v8… Love your video, i bought v3 pro because of your review =)

SPHNC says:

Do y’all think a gotway mcm v3 260wh motor top speed is 20mph good

kiumiestas. says:

u should buy a v8!

Jasper's Review says:

how did you get sponsored

Bobo Bo-Bobo says:

thats crazy fast for a scooter. i can barely top 14km/hr on the ninebot mini pro (segway)

Chris Graves says:

30 miles sounds just unbelievable

Blades in the Dark says:

Can I get one

myfunwheel_biz says:

Great review, I love riding these things!!!!

abinder3 says:

It would be nice if eWheels would send you an inMotion V8 to review.
I’d really like to see what you think between the V5F+ and the V8.
(You’re one of the few reviewers that seems to be unbiased.)

Courts Tam says:

Motor power and battery capacity are not good enough…understand what you are getting and for what purpose.

letsplaychicken1 says:

Not one shot of the rider getting on to the thing………

Faustino Rodríguez says:

I dont know why but you are few follower that you deserve, i encourage you to keep going because your videos are awesome. hi from Spain.

Difeas says:

Wow I want one of these, I have a low end Chinese copycat model. Only costed 300$ so I guess you get what you pay for.

Mine only goes at a max speed of 6-8 MpH and has a max range of 6-8 miles. The only real reason I got it was to commute between my mom’s apartment and my dad’s house and it handles the task well.

Ibanlee Banlasan says:

How much

Flaminance says:

This bike hates hikes

Lets Onewheel says:

when people say it looks like the future nothing really ever looks futuristic it just looks present because two years ago now would be the future from then

abinder3 says:

Do you prefer the V5F+ or the V3 ?

FakeIGN says:

can you just stand still on it or will it tip over?

Rudel23 says:

It is sold only in he US?

Will H says:

Can you do a review of the IPS LHOTZ?


which would you recommend, this or the ninebot E+, if u havent can u do a review on the ninebot and maybe a vs. of the 2 thnx.0


from where do we get one of those

Shanghai Jinks says:

I have this one and I went to the link in your description but it looks like the walking handle is $99 and not free, at all.

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