What a $200 electric unicycle is like

I take out the $200 EUC I bought on Ebay. This will give you an idea of what you should and should not expect at this price point.


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T.J Combo says:

I don’t think candy should pratice on grass with that wheel seems it doesn’t have enough power.
2nd place I had my girl pratice on was patted playground.

Don Miller says:

Thanks for the review. I weigh 210lbs and I’m looking for a small EUC that will fit into the trunk of my car. Real 5 mile range per day would be plenty. Mostly to get me across parking lots and strip malls (all outdoors, 1 mile or so each way) quickly. I need to do this 3-4 times a day. Small size and inexpensive out way speed and range. I don’t like getting hot and sweaty (suit and tie), and need to carry it inside to attend a meeting so it needs to store neatly while not in use. Charging using a 12v car outlet would be a plus. Seems like this UNC would work. You have any other suggestions?

Marty Backe says:

This video was fun and funny in so many ways. Did you buy it for the matching color of your Ninebot, and classic shot of your Roomba in background as you’re profiling the wheel 🙂 I ended up freeform bending the mirror arm so it’s a little more off to the side and not in my primary field-of-view. Still love the mirror and use it all the time. Except for colors and body shaping my $200 wheel is the same. Identical pedals and LEDs and power button. I think all the $200-$300 wheels use the same common components. I (170 pounds) can get ~6 miles out of it.
But given what it is, these things really do work surprisingly well, and can be useful within city pedestrian traffic, etc. Anywhere that speed isn’t important.
Also, they’re very manoeuvrable. Minus the speed and power it handles somewhat like my KS14C.
That was brave taking over the grass – I’ve avoided any offroad riding since it has zero power.
So you left off the best part – what does CIndy think? Is she game?

ToonaciousD says:

Hey Duf,

When you ride, are you leaning on your calves? I have the Step & Roll and I’m only ~5’5″; when I ride (4 times now) I actually bruise my inner calves from leaning on the machine.

Are you purely balancing, or are you using the unit to hold yourself up with your calves, as I do?


MortimerEsq says:

Holy shit, both the gators and turkeys are huge in Florida.

Ming Mongo says:

fun fact: the parts for these are commodity parts, interchangeable and made by a few Chinese companies. The difference between $200 and $2000 is batteries and a Bluetooth connection. Some main boards have a more limited top speed, but that can be fixed for 50 bucks.

Donut The Fabulous says:

I have a £400 and it is airwheel q3 it’s fast and good in distance it go’s 25-30miles on a 2hr charge and gos 12-15 miles a hr!!

Randi says:

This EUC can climb any hill I threw at it

Harold Ian says:

Is that your driveway and front lawn?

the wheeler says:


jason Paul says:

What a beautiful and big house

gliderrider says:

I have a $230 generic EUC also. I like hopping on it from time to time. It’s weird how slow 8 mph feels. Although I usually go 7 to avoid tilt back. I’m not good at making a u-turn on my street. This one is helpful for that. It’s the one my son and I put through hell to learn on. He stepped right off that to an InMotion V8 and was an expert. He gets irritated with me because I keep fiddling with the cheap one. Lol

Ay Tee says:

One thing i noticed is that having the back of your foot or heel lined up with the back of the pedal really makes a big difference. You’ll have more and better control of the Euc. It kind of feels weird at first having the front of your foot hanging off the pedal but you get used to it.

Dmitriy L says:

Do yourself favour. Dont buy this piece of sh.t. Get KingSong 14C, or 14D instead and enjoy your ride

Zhonguoria says:

Hint: Kilometer is shorter than a mile (1/2 + 1/10), but Kilogram is heavier than a pound (2.2x).


looks gay

Randi says:

I have this EUC and its not fast but I totally recommend buying this for starters!!!!

Gary Park says:

If it was truly rated at 120kg, that is 55lbs. That would be surprising since a 9 year old can weigh more than that. Maybe it was 120lbs?=264kgs.

chocolakbar says:

3:03 says “this should help” and sips his beer. You are right about that. Also I’m buying myself something like that soon can’t wait to get it.

Randi says:

I have this EUC and it lasted me for over 9 month but I am planing on upgrading now!

T.J Combo says:

Lol you got the same helmet as marty. I was actually thinking of getting one.I got in the habit of looking back every min I don’t think I need one anymore. At first looking back cause you to lose balance but after awhile your body adjust. Fun video

NoNamesLeftFuk says:

good for practicing, but I wouldn’t pay 200 for that thing, maybe 60 bucks. I’d hardly pay 300 for a used ninebot c.

Daniel Martynovich says:

I got an Airwheel x8 about a year and a half ago. The tilt back is one of the biggest reasons I’m upgrading to Gotway ACM.

junya says:

oh my gosh where could I buy it?

Fletcher Jones says:

so you recommend not buying this product? i have wanted a EUC for the LONGEST time now and i have tried raising money to buy from people of the internet but when ever i get the right amount they raise the prices on me. and i asked my parents to purchase me one but it just isn’t in there budget but i like to dream that ill get one one day. btw love your videos keep up the great work

Greg Savel says:

well… of course I’M WATCHING….. mine will be here on thursday… then, i’ll have the 3 wheels ready to go and i MUST be on ALL 3 of them by the end of wednesday, 11/16…. because that’s the goal i set for myself. thanks for the video… VERY entertaining

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