Wind Rider Review -Electric Unicycle After One month

Mr Cheang from XGW Asia E Bike gave me an Wind Rider Electric Unicycle for review and this is the video after one month of constant usage.

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1. Wear & tear happened and one of the LED light for battery indicator died and need replacing.

2. The padding on the side is loose but that’s not an issue as I can stick it back easily.

3. Added a AirWheel MarsRover Pull Rod to push it around easily.

4. The charging cap is not attached to the port which makes it vulnerable to losing it by accident.

5. The charger adaptor is smaller then most that I had seen and have better cable port.

6. At first, riding the Wind Rider does hurt the side of the leg for a while but after getting used to it…it doesn’t hurt anymore by leaving a small gap from the sides.

7. After getting used to the speed, it’s actually very comfortable to ride as it won’t raise the pedals easily when you are cruising unlike other electric unicycles.

8. You can easily balance at walking pace like any other electric unicycle.

9. High pedals can turn sharp corners very very easily even at narrow path!

10. Cheap! At SGD $580 is one of the cheapest 132 wh high speed 14″ electric unicycle I had seen.

11. Unfortunately the battery is a little too short range for long distance riding but it’s possible to install external battery.

Overall, I feel this electric unicycle is definitely good for a replacement of Airwheel X3 if you are looking for lightweight short distance travel with faster speed.

However, I do wish for more enhancement to this portable lightweight speedster to have more battery life in the future. 😀


Thomas Oi says:

As u mention before. The wind rider only can use the pull rod. Normal pull handle can’t fix it on the wind rider? U got right before to fix the normal pull handle on wind rider?

Goosebumps says:

How much does it cost? Great video

Thomas Oi says:

Hi, where u buy the pull handle at? And how much is that cost? As I have a wind rider.

Thomas Oi says:

Saw you have airwheel also. And u using airwheel more than wind rider. So for ur recommend. Wind rider is better or airwheel is better?

kinjal shradul says:

Simon you are awsome and your videos are very good and you are awsome and your videos are awsome

Ttfno Plays Games says:


kinjal shradul says:

Good video

Alim Ikegami says:
Pietro Costa says:

Why do you only have 65k? You should have at least 200k!

kinjal shradul says:

Awsome video

SSundee nil says:

Can you upload more videos of clash of clan than other topics.

Le Ténia says:

haha I like its Chinese name 风骑士风火轮 wind horseman lol

slappy76 says:

Never heard of this in the USA. What do you consider “High Speed”? Gotway is considered pretty fast. I am looking at a TG – F3 and I hear it only goes up to 12k/h before it beeps. Max speed is around 18 but probably less.

kinjal shradul says:

Good video

FreeWorldChannel says:

is kua’ goo’ lah.

Noel Tam says:

In first impression video, you have commented WR is “not smooth”. In this video after 1 month, you commented “not stable”. Can you describe this in more details? What do you mean?

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