2018 Raleigh Redux 3 Urban Street Bike – Overview and first look

The Raleigh Redux 3 is a street bike with an edge. It has a cool trendy look that will be at home with hipsters, but also has the rugged strength to be a great bike on rough urban streets. This bike will rip right through potholes on streets, jumping over curbs, or riding down stairs. It’s a bit of old school – with a modern flair.

The Redux 3 features 27.5″ Schwalbe Big Ben Tires on Weinmann U28 double wall rims, Promax Solve hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain, and a light weight 6061 aluminum frame. The entire bike weighs in at 25 pounds.

This bike is a great commuter bike. I use it as a daily commuter, but it would also be great with a rider capable of stunts or street trick riding. It handles very similar to a Trek FX series bike, but it can withstand demanding riding that would likely break a Trek FX.


MasterBata says:

Nice bike. I use 2.15″ Big Bens on my commuter hybrid, and those tires are absolutely the best I ever had.

The DarKris says:

I got the Redux 1 from my LBS for $500 + tax. I did a few test rides and I loved every second of it. I have a gravel bike that I tried fitting 27.5 tires on but there was just barely any room so I decided that this would be my winter bike. However when there’s no snow I’ll just use it as a fun street bike that I can practice my mtb skills with.

yolohipster says:

Looks like my dads mountain bike

Tim Post says:

This is a helpful review as I’ve been looking to replace my 10 year old Specialized Globe commuter bike with a Redux. Here’s a question: How’s the riding position? I’m not interested in the hunched over mountain bike position I had in my 20s, and like a more upright position these days. Perhaps swapping out the handlebars for some that are swept back would help. I subscribed so I can follow along with your Redux experiences. Cheers from Minnesota!

criS says:

Raleigh started making some great bikes. This looks amazing for the price.

Ryan Monaghan says:

The cost difference is over 500 dollars between that and a trek Ds1… For 500 bucks it should be better

murfee 123 says:

I saw a used 1998 Subaru Impreza for less then that. it had 180,000 miles on it tho

tacozombie says:

Negatives? Every bike has them :/

Brian Shook says:

Any updates on this bike?

Aidan F says:

Not 11 speeds…

Hannessomething says:

Throw in a RockShox paragon 65mm suspension fork and I’m sold!

OFFICIAL_BikeMan says:

Looks like a great bike

Kai Ho says:

When is the bottle cage winner announced?

Brandon Landry says:

Buys like millions $150 mountain bikes and then spends $900 on a comuter bike! Smh buy I nice mtb instead!

pbanthonyv says:

Wonder how it would handle some free ride stuff.

Pedro Silva says:

Damn, actual lions as school mascots. Can’t say I approve of keeping lions in cages, but it must be pretty cool being able to go look at them when you want.

Matthew Brocke says:

So what happened between you and Trek?? Have you switched from Trek completely?

Matt says:

This is exactly what I need down here in Santiago. The streets are just awful and the Redux looks like it would eat them up nicely. Too bad customs down here is such a racket.

Hakeen Yearwood says:

Do a review on a Road Master Granite Peak 26″ Mountain bike from Walmart. I love your channel, it would be great if you do a video on that bike.

pbanthonyv says:

For sure I think that’s the way to go for an around town bike or even some less serious road cycling. Skinny tires might be a little better with drag but I think something a bit more beefy is more practical.

SaiyanFury says:

I looked at the spec list for those components, and it’s pretty impressive for a sub 1000 dollar bike. A Selle Royale saddle, obviously with Raleigh’s logo on it, Deore components that are a major cut above the usual Altus crud you often find on lower end bikes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Schwalbe tires on any bike under 1500 dollars. I use Schwalbe’s on all of my bikes and they average about 60 dollars per tire on sale. Couple this with double-wall rims and decent looking hydraulic brakes makes for an impressive package, again especially being a sub 1000 dollar bike. Good find, Kev! 🙂


love the look of that bike!

Brian Michael says:

If you google Raleigh Corporate discount you will see a link from slick deals and a code.
You go to Raleigh site, create a corporate account with the code
You will then be able to buy the bike from the Raleigh site for about $550 instead of $899
They have small and medium in stock. I would get it if they had Large..


cool buy for sure. looks great. seems to be beefy and durable yet light. another fun bike video. i just did a product test video yesterday on a walmart bike. seeing if it can really do tricks. stem came loose but i tightened it up and was doing tricks on a walmart bike.. if you care to check it out. peace. keep up the fun bike vids.

jak p says:

You should try the mongoose dirt jump bike from walmart

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol says:

That price is a little stiff and your paying more for the 1×11 that anything else. If the frame were 7005 aluminum it would be a good deal but anything over 500 bucks is too steep for a commuter. The Tokul package at 300 dollars is a far better deal but dosent come near Walmarts or Amazons Vilano deals. Carbon forks are 60 dollars and you could easily have had the Huffy tr 745 under 500 dollars with similar performance based simply on the frame. The forums have highlighted entire carbon mountain bikes for that price with hydraulic disc brakes. Excellent review but your branching into higher priced bikes and there are way too many options at that price for a high performance commuter i believe. Commuter bikes are a whole different category and 29ers are a way better option because the speeds are higher for a longer time and no one wants to go slow commuting. Just my opinion because i love the channel.

CH3V says:

what happen to Mongoose XR-PRO?

thefox47545 says:

“Assault” bike? It’ll be banned in California.

Charles Holland says:

That is a nice looking ride!

Артём Смык says:

Install wider beefier lighter tires ,like Schwalbe big one and it will fly)

Aayush Parmar says:

Lol my bike is same. No suspension and only 1 gear

Dustin Wagner says:

Nice bike, I cant do without front suspension at least. Trails are too tempting and too rough around here.

PWNcakesAndR0Fls says:

Fantastic review! I’m looking into getting this same bike. Would you mind telling me what size you got and how it fits you? I’m about 5’10” and usually size down on bikes because of my shorter legs, so I’m not sure whether to get medium or large… Thanks! =D

William Keys says:

That’s a nicer bike than your usal reviews.

Carlos Sanchez says:

you guys have lions at a school? sooooo coool!

Boon Tryon says:

Still waiting for more videos on this one

Jim Johanson says:

I recognize that “It’s all a dream” graffiti from the last time I visited Florence

Ric Quintanilla says:

nice looking bike.

It reminds me of the Giant Seek series. but that series had a derailleur guard. i had 2012 seek 3 and loved it.

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