2019 Urban Arrow Family Review – $6k

https://electricbikereview.com/urban-arrow/family/ The Urban Arrow Family is a front box cargo bike with a low center of gravity, made especially friendly for families with easy side loading, safety features, and an ecosystem of practical accessories.


RLW says:

Great review will be on my shopping list but I’ve got to go to Brooklyn

Cat Detective says:

The disclaimer intro is getting old. As long as your review is honest and thorough which they always are, then I could care less whether you get paid or not to do it. I don’t like intros of any kind I prefer when you just get on with the review. Time is precious in this reality.

ROB 12013 says:

Excellent review as always. This looks like a really interesting alternative to the brilliant Riese and Muller cargo bikes.
These cargo type bikes are definitely way better and safer than having a child behind you and up high.

Ray Entertainment says:

Definitely the most well thought out ebike I ever seen.

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

Such a beast of a bike!

Mandurath says:

For these cargo style bikes, I’ve wondered a couple things. How come they don’t place the battery under the cargo area? Seems like the perfect spot. Giving a bit more usable room and lowering the center of gravity a bit.
Also, should they have higher power allowances for cargo bikes to account for useage when it comes to registration (high torque low speed motors to restrict speed)?

Johannes Nilsen says:

22:21 how to not pedal, foot is at an angle which is bad, but if he got a skewed knee that’s unavoidable.
but he has the foot way too far back, if this was on a mountain bike he wound have had horrible pedal bites on his legs, after a horrible crash.
the pedals are tiny, he has big feet, also a bad combo, itæ’s best to pedal with supported arch , long pedal platform.
but this might not be possible depending on foot size and the bucket at the front. at 28:21 you can see that the box is in the way. this bike is really messed up, but I see most cargo bikes in this category are.

David Macdonald says:

Great Motors etc but they still don’t understand people with weak legs can’t put the torque in because it’s not really a cadence sensor it’s really a torque sensing system if you can put the torque in it doesn’t work for a lot of people with weak legs

Russell Cook says:

59.95, pretty good deal

Adge e bike. says:

Great review .☺

wayne jones says:

Kool bike!

Michael V says:

Designer of that cargo ebike has a lot of experiance about customers needs.
As always great presentation. Wishing Chris a successful sales season!

Buzz Aldreen says:

Great bike but too expensive and rare so hard to get used.

Carlo Luigi Marini says:

Great review but why wear helmets? And why helmets during the review? Non sense i think.

Mark Elford says:

Simply a fantastic electric machine .

Johannes Nilsen says:

why is the the seat tube angle so slack, that looks insane, not for efficient pedalling, the best is to have the tip of the saddle over the bottom bracket. this looks like a horrible bike to ride.
the pedals are ridiculous tiny, I recommend Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals, they support the arch, giving more stability, and improved pedal stroke.
also impossible to set the saddle height to a normal person, it will be too far back, this makes no sense.

augsburg says:

The Urban Arrow is one of the best designed bikes for families on the market. The front bucket is really nice for small children – you can keep an eye on them and talk to them easier than if they are behind you. For this reason, the long tail family bikes are less common with more bike savvy European riders. Once you spend about 15 minutes riding a front bucket bike like the Urban Arrow, you get the hang of it and find they are very maneuverable and fun to ride.

Robert Ostman says:

hey there, I have been surfing the web looking for a ultra budget e bike and I do not find a proper solution to the ordeal… in case that you are wondering, what I am up to, I have been thinking about ubereats and how expensive can be to pay for that fuel and maintenance plus other expenses, if one was to use a moped/scooter, and in my estimate just in fuel one would be spending at least 1300 us dollar a year… so the solution seems to be to use a electric vehicle, with the latest tech in batteries… here the problem is that I can’t find a single electric vehicle for the task, they all seem to be misdesigned !!… a probable solution could be to design at home the solution, but then that is bloody expensive!!… now the options that are out there, seem to be way to expensive for what they provide and are not a proper solution, most of the fairly good options are suited for yuppies with big wallets… not for a ubereats driver… most other solutions are for ppl who only need it for a couple of hrs a day… at most…. none are made to be potentially running all day long…. the closest solution seems to be to jump into a different category…. the land of the mopeds/scooters and motorcycles,… the electric ones, of course, here most come with a electric motor on the rear wheel, this despite the risks of motor damage and rear tire getting overwhelmed by the extreme heat… none of them seem to include a proper cooling system… all of the options seem to be way to heavy and or bulky…. its actually a big problem!!…. I didn’t imagine that there would be such a huge gap in design… it is overwhelming…. !!

Carlo Luigi Marini says:

Instead poncho i prefer Veltop, of you have 6K to buy a Cargo bike, i think you can afford 300 €, for the Veltop. It’s more comfortable and secure the Veltop than the poncho.

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