$500 Road Bike Review Reid Osprey Elite

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GeeZEvil says:

Send the bike to me in NYC…I’ll ride around and spread the word of the banana. 🙂

CCKL101 says:

Hey does every bike store do bike fits? I’m going to buy my first bike on the weekend and was looking at Reid cycles. They have a store so you don’t have to just get them online but do you think cause it’s a cheap brand the people working there won’t know how to fit the bike to me?

ibez07 says:

this aint fucking lean u shit cunt..u didnt review the reid osprey u reviewed ur own custom bike THESE CRANKS ARE SO STIIIIIF…u can disagree with me but ur still fucking wrong,,,,ROLL OVER HIM,,FUCKING ROLL OVER HIM

Thomas Alcock says:

Just change the stem

Steve Bullard says:

Instead of putting new bars on the bike just move the levers up on the bars then loosen the stem bolts and swing the bars up so that the ends are level with the ground. They won’t be shallow drop but the ends are level and not pointing down. Essentially the same riding position only a little lower down.

Paul Vasquez says:

@durianrider Didn’t you used to be able to buy from them direct? I want to get back into riding a road bike and I’m looking at the Fezzari Catania for about $949 with the Shimano Tiagra group set or the their Fore CR1 full carbon with Shimano 105 group set in their outlet closeouts for $1299. I know that you said that fit is so important. That’s why I want to go with them.

James Harken says:

is this an aussie company or can I buy it in us

Charles Rush says:

They cut cost somewhere in the manufacturing process to offer this price. Maybe a cheap heat treatment ot somewhere. I believe this bike could not be trusted as being safe after a few years of riding. Aluminum is not a good material for longevity anyway. You get what you pay for in most cases. They exception paying in upwards of $5000 for a bicycle. No bike is worth that much either.

balbinder bains says:

forget new bike u need new camera whats filmed on those old sine cameras

Demonwicked says:

I wanna see you ride it around the world 😀

Bad Ass says:

How did you convert to a triple?

david balasar says:

how much does it weight

Ticonderoga Smith says:

2016 model has proper bars, bought a year too early.

Poppersmoke says:

I want to see you take that bitch off roading, maybe hit a jump or two

lânchánđời nguyễn says:

i have a steel anchor c-5 bicycle but it’s a special version such i couldn’t find it in internet.i don’t know if it was prized 1000 usd?

Po Zr says:

In one day, climb a steep ascent in a limited amount of time and then spend the rest of the day in the saddle and comment on it. All in one day. Haha

Gus Stav says:

i bought a reid condor as my first bike, it was ok but i want to upgrade, any suggestions?

Northern Chauvinist says:

fuck I wish I could get a bike like this.

Jack Sosinski says:

I want to see you build it up in 10 minutes

Michael Andrews says:

what do you think of the 2015 Apollo excel 20

wgv wgv says:

i have a 2015 giant defy 3 105 for about the same money. I really like it so far but have nothing to compare it with.

Joshua VD says:

we wanna see a climb mate

Connor Donaldson says:

Can I get this in the U.S

Daniel Cok says:

id like to see a nice wheelie.

Taylor says:

wheelie it…

Fly White says:

I want to see durian win the Tour de France on a 500 dollar bike and 30 bananas

ex0ja says:

I can get these locally, is it a no brainer for a first road bike?

SillySavage says:

should I get this bike?

SillySavage says:

This or the giant defy 5?

ابو خليل says:

I think it is not really $500 bike. Because you have already changed the crankset and handlebar and seatpost and you still need a real 32 ring.
We could say it is maybe $1000 bike.

my question is. Did you change these parts because they are weak or it is your personal choice?

Joseph Holloren says:

That was a bike review?

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