Best $99 Walmart Bike? Schwinn Cutback Urban Bicycle

The Schwinn Cutback is a Hybrid Urban bicycle available for $99 at Walmart. It may be the best $99 Walmart bike available today.

The Cutback features a 1×7 drivetrain that will reduce maintenance and issues normally associated with multi-speed drivetrains. It also has a treadless headset and multi-color styling. The styling looks a lot like the Raleigh Redux series of bicycles.

Noisy brakes aside, the Schwinn Cutback is a decent bike for the money. Personally, I would choose it above any of the other sub-$100 Walmart bikes currently offered.

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Jac TheGamerYT says:

its fixed gear

Holzmann says:

Only downside is when you refinish the rims to stop the brake noise, the brakes will lose most of their power (which seems limited in the first place).

Sweswio says:

Nice bike for $99, a lot better than monshit

Punch Fukker says:

were these a limited run? it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

Ion says:

from the 10 seconds of waching this video i start to think this bike is made all of plastic

xyzDonaldxyz says:

This bike is completely sold out. I would buy one in a new york minute if it was for sale.

Lia Thomas says:

How is it off-road

RockyRooster says:

I can’t find this bike anywhere

MrJwc1234 says:

I’d have to say the rear derailleur is where their money went to. There’s not much to the bike to mess up. No front shock, no front derailleur, no front shifter. So looking at a bike that $99 with all those components will have worse components. Also was that a 1 1/8” steer tube or a 1” ?

Tyler Lizeé says:

Schwin use to be a really good brand

Juan Urban says:

Do you know if there is a girl version of this bike? I’d like to get me and my wife new bikes.

Thomas Malcolm Macleay says:

Horizontal dropouts means they’re fixie friendly. That stem needs to go. So dangerous.

bikegirl2 says:

lol i have tyres that cost more, wish i could get on in the uk x

Offishu says:

I was very interested until 30lbs.

ItzGearHead says:

I took my front derailer off my 21 speed… I hate that thing

T C says:

This thing is sold out everywhere! I cant get my hands on one

Richard Stalling says:

Better off getting a good used bike.

Hell Heaven says:

what is the best bike at walmart under 250 ??

Danfuerth Gillis says:

Lmfao those Revo twist shifters have allowed me to beat $6000 carbon bikes on my GMC Denali 14 kg alloy 14×28 freewheel and a 48/38 cranks with 32c tires lol. Cheap means you can work on it easier, mod it and swap it out . Pretty funny when I fly by on my $280 road bike past guys on much more expensive and lighter bikes. Had 2 riders trying to escape my attack yesterday with 25 km winds coming at me but then I made my move up a hill and caught them at the light green and I just exploded . They came after me but after 3 km I said fk it heading back lol as their attack was going nowhere. They were riding 2 Aero bikes ( Canyons). And they were good riders with strong legs , I can’t imagine myself on their bikes lol.

Poo says:

should try the mongoose hotshot. It’s 99 at walmart

jay13 th says:

Could anybody recommend me a good 120mm 27.5″ air suspension fork? From 150-200$

Bubacat 1 says:

can not find this bike anywhere !!

mavtek says:

All I can really say is wow! That’s actually a really good deal!

Aaron Higgins says:

I’m interested in how they can sell that for $99 though i’d probably be horrified by the answer

Kevin Rodriguez says:

It reminds me of the kent bayside wich is good if u upgrade the shifters

Daffy Dill says:

All I would need for exercise

John Paul says:

I have some very nice bikes, the nicest being a specialized allez. My current daily bike though is a $90 fixie from walmart. I am impressed by how OK it is and at that price it is practically disposable. So I sanded the paint off of it and let it rust to make it look bad to thief. I dont ever lock the bike up when i run into shops but it has never been stolen. there is something to be said for cheap bikes.

Florida Boi says:

Good catwalking bike

bimmermac says:

The GT aggressor pro is 299.99 again.

Jack Dauley says:

i would love to see you upgrade this edit:aaaaand you already did

De Cnijf Kris says:

I would hesitate for the colors.

Soy Sauce Soup says:

its out of stock tho 🙁

fordracerforever says:

+kevcentral the gt Agressor pro is on sale at Dick’s again, might wanna snatch one before it goes back to regular price!

Dave Lovell says:

Couldn’t the braking sound be diminished or eliminated by slight pointing that brake pads so that the fronts of the pad touch before the backs? This is a tip I learned from Park Tool’s rim brake video

Nate Northcutt says:

love this bike and the video!!! keep it up.

spiloFTW says:

I love how it looks

BoyTitan says:

The schwinn sidewinder has been under 200 dollars for years and comes with a shimano tourney rear. The 2017 model comes with either disc brakes or v brakes in front. Both versions come with threadless headsets. Be careful though walmat does still sale the older version that has a threaded headset. I just don’t get why you haven’t looked at such a good bike.

TheNorthernAlex says:

I like what I see, sadly I wont be able to get one due to Walmart Canada not having this gem for sale. I am one of the schmocks that bought a Hyper for $127 and I use it daily for rides with my daughter, it’s good enough for the minor riding I do but I would love to get my hands on something more advanced in the future. I really enjoy your content, keep up the great work !

mozzyforest says:

They got a carbon frame one now!

τιm я says:

i would turn this into a fixie xD

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