Bike Review Thursday: Original Pure Fix: Best Price Single Speed or Fixie Bike

Bike in video:
The bike is probably cheapest on Amazon for ~$310 (depending on your choice of color):

Pure Fix bikes are simple yet Rad! They only have 1 gear (fixed on one side of the wheel and free wheel on the other, so it’s your choice) and 1 front break. They have a low price point that can allow for almost anyone to start riding a bike. The components on it are quality enough to work for a while, unlike department store bikes. If you are looking for a quick way to get around on a low cost bike, I would recommend this bike!’

And yes, one of my new jobs is at a bike shop, so I hope to provide bike reviews each Thursday!
Bike Review Thursday: Pure Fix (


Pieter Oehlers says:

so you can change your gear to fixed gear and just a normal gear if that is true i am gonna buy it right away

insanity54 says:

I checked out their website. Revo lights, WOW those are cool!

CMS Handy says:

Here is the same Brand but it’s Glow in the Dark on amazon too.


Does it glow in the dark at night???

Bk94541 says:

SHITTT..I LIVE IN HAYWARD..BECAUSE OF UR VIDEOS LIKE MONTH AGO AND ALL & Subbed U, Got me buying a Bike just like u..biking around the town an around ,instead use my Huge SUVS  & did bought one few weeks ago…if i know i would get it from U 🙁

Vince Tuminello says:

Aren’t “FRONT Brakes only” dangerous when making a quick emergency stop?

Syed Rasool99 says:


codi maddox says:

these bikes look weak

Douglas Hafner says:

FYI in your video you said 54 Inches.  Did you mean it to be 54cm?

samppadaa says:

nice bike man i want one and very nice video

Explicit EarRape says:

Pure fix is a ripoff. It has the same components as a 6ku and the 6ku is 100 bucks cheaper

BikeBlogger says:

Love single speed bikes. I have 4 of them, all one speed but each with its own special place in my heart! Everybody’s got their favorite setup be it 1 speed, 3 speeds, 1X, 2X, 3X. I wouldn’t run that bike in single speed with only one brake though, kinda dangerous but I guess it’s true 70% of your stopping power is in the front brake. Looking forward to all the different bikes, krackerslacker. That’s a skinny seg, and hopefully no one thought you were that Dexter guy riding around with latex gloves on! LOL

Lee Druce says:

So be honest– this is a young wo/man’s bike right? Nobody over 30! 🙂

bishplis says:

pure fix is like online wallmark

Mr Baxteria says:

It looks beautiful! I am what else would you one from a fixed gear?

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