BULLS Urban EVO Video Review – $4.4k Fast 28 MPH Bosch Speed Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/bulls/urban-evo/ The BULLS Urban EVO is one of the stealthiest 28 mph urban electric bikes I have seen, the Bosch Powertube battery pack is completely hidden inside the downtube and the compact black motor casing blends perfectly with the matte black paint job. The mid-motor is angled up to blend into downtube visually, increase ground clearance, and shorten the effective chain stay length for a snappy ride feel, Bosch makes one of the most reliable ebike motors according to shops I visit. Impressively light weight at ~51.3 lbs considering the fenders, rear rack, lights, kickstand, and higher capacity 500 watt hour battery pack, the Urban Evo is only available in a high-step design but does come in three sizes. Compact Bosch Purion display stays out of the way but doesn’t offer Micro-USB charging, does not angle to reduce glare, and is not removable like the Bosch Intuvia, finicky battery port cover, no chain protector (just a chainring guard).


abbaby555 says:

great review, thanks for sharing. i really liked this ride… beautiful quality build

Russ B says:

Good Review Court 🙂 Bet your glad to be back in the warmth, lol Which do you prefer…In hub rear gearing or external gearing Court ?

Dooneegomaface Ifinnaspring says:

Bosch is BS. Even if it lasted longer than a cheap Chinese power plant, you’re getting nickel and dimed on all the normal wear parts over the years. Not only could you buy 2 cheap ebikes for that price, you would have money leftover to keep them on the road far longer than a Bosch bike would last.

pj520 says:

Nice to see some real hard wired lighting, but I sure don’t like the Bosch motor, way to noisy.

Ian Mangham says:

I’m early

DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA says:

rider display could be better but overall good bike!

Dmitri Nesteruk says:

The idea of rear brake light being coupled to the brake levers is a smart one. Rack design is a bit dubious: I understand you can hang things off the sides, but I like to just place items on top.

ArthurDentZaphodBeeb says:

Don’t know how anyone can suggest $4.4K is a value bike. At least one with plastic pedals and only 500w battery.

Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

Court I’ve been following your great channel for quite a long time now, one thing I’m completely baffled by is these bikes, (now matter which brand) aren’t becoming cheaper over the years. This means their popularity will always be a niche market which I think is really sad 🙁 as most technologies become cheaper as time goes by. 4k is a lot of money to a huge part of the population. Keep up the great work bud

Seb K says:

You guys are lucky you have a higher wattage limit than we do in the UK . I have heard that the Government is considering a 1000W limit as more people are using Ebikes but that could take time to come into law .

Steve Petttyjohn says:

This could be a 2nd car replacement.

Benjamin Jehne says:

…It’s a nice bike, but Bulls was a company with bikes more at the lower price tag. Now 4,4K for that bike, I don’t get it. When I compare this to the 2018 Cube Hybrid Line, they have the way better integrated motors, the frames look better, too. But the most expensive one stop at 3499€, with XT eletronic shiftig. Yes, its not 28mph, but thats a software goodie… .

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