Different Types of Hybrid Bike… Toby Investigates


apollovizsla says:

What model and year is the bike shown at the 30 second mark? I heard you mention that it was a Specialized Crosstrail after the next bike came up, although the tires seem to look a lot bigger on this bike than the ones I have seen.

truth says:

This is awesome as i bought a Pinnacle Lithium 6 secondhand form gumtree about a year ago and after some tlc it is a seriously good bike. It just handles and moves like a unicorn.

gulf city nicholas danca says:

trek 7.2 fx where does that fall

Sergey Samolis says:

First minute of presentation he keeps repeating platitudes that are of no information value whatsoever. Get on with it, man!

Jeff Fletcher says:

Recently bought a GT Transeo 4. 100 miles or so and I’m really liking it. Lock out shocks sold me. Fast enough for the road. Tough enough for some trails.

Mark x says:

the last one is ok

Hector Alva says:

dose anyone know the name of the first bike

Tony Pitt says:

I am on my dads phone and i am a girl and i am a child and i have a Hybrid Bike

XgamerdaveX says:

What do you think of the Carrera Crossfire 3 as an hybrid bike? Is it great for road and off road use?


hi I am looking buy a new bicycle to commute from college to home .I like this one .i am thinking of purchasing it please comment on this bike I really don’t have much knowledge about bikes .below is the link please give your honest opinion .Thank you

Edward straka says:

the Ebikes will be the replacement for the hybrid bikes, as the price comes down.
The hybrid mtb is just an xc and the hybrid road bike has just flat bars!!
I would choose a gravel road bike for riding in the city, or an electric MTB!


Can Hybrids go on Cycle tracks and can it go up hills both around Rutland Water

BroadSword93 says:

hi, where abouts on the scale would you place the Cannondale CX3? the one i own has skinny tyres and the 50m shock on the front, i want to get the giant trance or the anthem but not sure if it would be worth getting a second one. any advice please? thanks

Dork 360 says:

I think the last one is a Pinnacle Bike. I think.

Supership Supernaut says:

I’ve been searching for months. Where I live are bumpy asphalt hills. Bumpy patched roads, pot holes. One hill used to be a soap box derby hill. I go up and down this and other hill’s twice a day. Winter ice and snow is rough. Smooth fresh snow, under it are frozen bumpy foot prints.

What I think I want is; A mountain bike converted to a comfort bike. Full suspension, wide seat, sit up right, sweep back handle bars, fenders, and front and rear racks for shopping.
Also swap out the wheels for studs in the winter.

I don’t want a fat bike, too hard to peddle. I need gears, and I have an electric motor.

Is it even possible to get full suspension on a hybrid or cruiser? If not why? tks

Demoliciones de México says:

Good vid.. Greetings from mexico..
Here inmexico we dont have pinnacle bikes like tbe one you show.. What other bran would you r comend… Thx

makaveli559m says:

I bought a hybrid bike from Walmart, it fast enough to catch up to my brothers diamondback bike!

Michelle says:

i live in san diego and i really want to start biking to work. It’s going to be 25miles (40km) round trip with lots of hills. What type of bike do you recommend? i believe i will have a paved road to bike on the entire way.

Luis Aguilar says:

The yellow Nike is the best one!!! 🙂

619Shippo says:

what’s the name of the first bike

LastOfTheMonitos says:

Do you consider the GIANT anyroad 1
a hybrid?
some people say that, and the same
when it comes to the specialized diverge

Georg Bandak says:

Hello, what bicycle would you recommend for a beginner who needs a bike that’s for the road that can support at max. 150kgs or 330lb from popular brands that have a good international presence and great after-sales support? I am looking to take my bike for a ride in cities like New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Lebanon, Dubai, etc… Not necessarily for everyday use, just something I can rely on 2/7 days a week 10-20km (5-15mi) a day. My budget is a flexible $600 USD (€530 EUR) for the bike.

Arianto Wahyudi says:

i have gt nomad women 2007 how much does it’s cost

Ahsen Zafar says:

the first bike he showed was sick

Abilash Kanesalingam says:

Oh! I know barely anything about bikes and I’ve just got a Pinnacle Lithium, apparently I made a good choice 😀 although, I will be saving up for a PureFix Delta soon, they look AWESOME!

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

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