eVox City Video Review – Sturdy Urban Electric Bike from Canada

https://electricbikereview.com/evox/city-electric-bike/ The eVox City is a sturdy city style electric bike with easy to mount frame and an extra low seat tube for petite riders, it uses an RFID card to activate for added security. Very unique mid-drive system with a completely separate drivetrain, it uses a belt and flywheel cog that operate independent from the chain and eight speed cassette. The bike is quiet, surprisingly light given the double tube frame, rack and fenders and it comes in multiple battery configurations to hit a low price or go the distance. While you do get pedal assist and throttle mode, the throttle can’t override assist and is limited by power steps so you have to tinker with it more at times.


Roco Roco says:

96v my god…. but 4ah?…. -_- how far can you go with this? 5miles? no way you get 35miles let alone 85miles lol….

Amanda Comeau says:

Glad I picked the surface rook over this, as a Canadian rider 🙂

Melissa Miscellaneous says:

I live in Vancouver, and have been looking into e-bikes and e-scooters on and off in the last couple years, and have never even heard of or come across this brand.

Flo Mo says:

I will recommend this bike to my girlfriend. A great lady’s ebike.

Agustin Mario Ascanio says:

Please activate CC (Subtitle)

simchad613 says:

I haven’t seen that bike in Toronto. I bought the elby bike which has many similar features but I think it’s built better.

Yvan Geraban says:

but in th the philippines the ebikes had liesence to drive

Festivejelly says:

Hi Court, another great video. I was wondering if you had some guidance on what to do about pannier bike racks for ebikes? Have you done reviews on any? I have a HaiBike Allmtn SL which is more of a mountain bike so sadly it doesnt have anywhere to connect a pannier to which is a shame as I use it to commute around 22 miles a day so having somewhere to put my laptop and not having to have a backpack on would be super handy.

Tom Thumb says:

Nice bike. Interesting.


what an odd bike.

mtlnascarfan says:

“Most popular bike in Canada”?
That’s “rep-speak” for “Nobody’s buying them. Please take this POS off our hands.”

I’ve been to Ottawa, Toronto and I live in Montreal and I’ve NEVER seen one of these.

Duncan Ouellette says:

I live In Calgary Alberta and i have never seen one in my life.

Yasir Yasir says:

كم السعر وهل توجد خدمة توصيل للعراق بغداد

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

I’ve only seen one of these bikes in Montreal over 10 years so I doubt they are the “most popular bike in Canada”. However, I see a different Voltbike almost every day 🙂

JL says:

The channels in the belt make it grip with more power the surface area of the working side of the belt is much greater than the width.

ilikewasabe says:

they could have just done a belt drive geared hub like a nexus alfine.. it could make it allot easier for repairs in the future..

E°Bike Company Mainz says:

It seems that the measure between wheels are very big ..

Festivejelly says:

I actually quite like that design, keeping the weight in the middle and down low. Seems like a pretty good idea.

Paul Aaron says:

I live in Canada and have never seen nor heard of eVox. Looks nice and it seemed to move just fine. Up here in Peterborough Ontario and owned a Igo urban electric bike and the freezing temps during winter had a negative effect on battery liferange. They should make a heated cover or heated jacket for Canadian customers. Anyways keep up the good work.

Joe Blogs says:

hey court on my commuter i had tektro Dorado hydraulic brakes which started leaking at 1500km i tried to fix them but it ended up being out of my skill range. i replaced the brake with trp spyke like this bike has. 3500km and a change of brake pads later they are going great. while hydraulic may offer more braking for less effort you do have to factor in maintaining them over the life of the bike. the trp spyke pistons move from both sides whereas cheaper mechanical brakes may only have one sided braking action this makes a huge difference and i am very happy with my trp spykes.

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