First look: 2017 Cannondale Quick 5 Bike Video Review

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The 2017 Quick 5 is built for two things – having fun and getting in shape. It’s a fitness bike that you can use for all sorts of casual rides. No need for spandex or special gear – the Cannondale Quick is a bike you jump on and go – simple as that. This bicycle has 28 gears so you have plenty of range for steep hills and fast flat roads. There are cool features too: hydraulic disc brakes and reflective decals. This is a bike that’s safe, comfortable, and easy to ride. It’s the Cannondale Quick 5 for 2017 and it’s ready for your next adventure. Stop by a Bikes and Life store to ensure you’re properly fit to your bike and ready to ride!


Tenali Ramakrishna says:

Hey Peter, Can you tell me the name of the music that’s being played in the background? I love it.

Virgil Hawkins says:

The video quality is great as is the production value but there’s so much repetition here for a 5 minute video. The audio is incredibly repetitive on top of being generic “hipster commercial”-y but what really annoyed me was that you kept repeating the same points again and again. I mean, there are only so many points to go over but I feel like you could have done a little less repetition in a 5 minute video. Like, the sound alone was adding a level of repetition that I’ve seen in plenty of other commercials but your script didn’t need to go over the same highlights in slightly different words. It makes it seem like there isn’t much to say about the bike which I mean it is a run of the mill fitness commuter so that might be the case but then why not just cut the video short or try to add more value to each point instead of repeating it again and again.

radiojam says:

Great bikes. Just got a 2017 Quick 3 to replace my 2009 Quick 4. More refined but overall not much has changed (in a good way). I didn’t take good enough care of the 2009 so I am going to treat the 2017 right! Love this bike already!

Sen 33 says:

Best bike review vid the guy talking about the bike whilst riding on it you can see the thing in action simple as that thanks

RagetasticGames says:

That dude is trying so hard to sell this bike XD. It does look like a really nice, light and fast bike for sure. 😀

Samy Jacobsen says:

Hi Peter, great detailed review. Why don´t you review some other hybrid/fitness bikes like the trex fx 3 disc or the Bianchi c sport 2/3. it would be really interesting to watch.

Roxic12 says:

Like the Poc helmet

Lemons says:

Lmao, you just blew through that stop sign while looking at the camera. Great video anyway

LIttle Jeeper says:

I love this bike. I have the quick 4 and it’s very comfortable and fun. It’s my favorite bike. Cannondale is quality brand. I added lights to mine. The tires are quality as well. It’s more fun than going to a smelly gym.

Allen Fernando says:

Hi, I am about to buy a quick 5 2016 model from a friend. My height is 173 cms and the bike is of large size. will it be suitable for me? I am getting it at a good price hence the dilemma…

TboneNYC10 says:

I have the 2017 Quick4..didn’t want disc brakes, wanted better components etc. I love it. Excellent bike and is beautiful too. Amazing paint job from Cannondale. Acid green/black. The thing changes color in different lighting. Averaging about 25/30miles per ride on moves!

JAG II says:

Another good video, Peter. I especially love the part where you’re talking about the safety of the reflective graphics and silver strip on the wheel while cruising through the stop sign. LOL 😉

Chaitanya Sai says:

Hey Peter, How about making a bike fit video?

Beatstranger says:

my cannondale quick 5 from 2011 is one of the best bikes i’ve ever owned. i still ride it regularly and it’s always been reliable, quick and fun.

Santosh Kumar says:

What are the components?

Kenistan Moraes says:

what is the riders height . And what is the size of the frame in inches ???

Kenz300 x says:

Riding a bike is fun and good exercise………walking, bicycles and mass transit will all be part of making cities livable.
Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers needs to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health.

RBastien says:

No one, in the world, presents a bike like Peter. Well done, again.

Dean says:

Great video. Thank you!

Albert Caraballo says:

Anyone know how heavy this bike is?

Steyr001 says:

Really nice video, one of the few reviews of this kind! What size is the bike you’re riding? I’m going to buy a 2017 Quick 3 and i would need an advice on sizing. I’m between an L or XL. I am roughly 1,78 cm. Would the XL be better for a more road-ish position? would it be confortable, even though a bit large for me, considering the Quick’s already upwards position?

MarnesaarJ says:

wondering if i can turn this into a cx bike or similar feel?

revnow84 says:

Very nice bike. I only wished it folded like my dahon speed uno (:

drewmorg says:

Love the look and purpose of the Quick. Moving to Hilo, Hawaii (super rainy and rugged) at end of the month and don’t know of my 2016 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 is really the right tool for the job there. Might be “downgrading” to one of these hybrid bikes. I need fitness, utility, comfort, and ruggedness. Seems a shame I’m moving to the same island as Kona but want to ditch the road bike. What do you guys think?

Gilberto Stankievicz says:


MarClash says:

I have a custom cannondale. it was a road bike before I crashed and bent the handlebars and broke my shifters, so i changed to flat bars and changed my saddle.

Walter E. Kurtz says:

One inch diameter tires??

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