Flash V1 Bike Video Review – $2k Smart Urban Electric Bike with GPS Tracking App

https://electricbikereview.com/flash/v1-bike/ The Flash V1 Bike is a sleek, urban electric bike with motion-sensing alarm and tracking through the app, single-tube design is reinforced for strength, integrated lights and turn signals. The 500 watt planetary geared hub motor is zippy but light and compact, the bike only weighs ~45 lbs but the battery pack is not easily removable, quick release on front wheel. Responsive 12-magnet cadence sensor and twist throttle, maximum assisted speed of 28 mph for quick commutes and errands, basic 7-speed cassette, 180 mm mechanical disc brakes. The unique touch-screen display looks cool and cleans up the handlebar but requires more head movement to look down, button pads on left and right are intuitive, no bottle cage bosses, mid-frame kickstand can get in the way.


W M says:

Bike from $2K contains chipper Chinese materials… serious?! :))

Ian Mangham says:

Who’s on first?

xiflashhy Jr says:

Second boy

Jay Gurung says:

Another good review Brent.

DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA says:

Stromer should take notes!!! ROFL!!!

Jeremy B says:

For two grand I know someone in the hood that would piggyback you everywhere you need to go

3dkiller says:

weird design, dont like the front and back light.. looks like a freaking penis sticking out, and no front suspension !, no mudguards

ForbinColossus says:

Nice review job there. You are right about the van moof look. Imagine a top tube running from headlight through to tailight. But it’s got a good look – am thinking of a folding Montague Paratrooper frame… The no battery slide out kills it for me. No sale. I hope they succeed and cause other ebike companies to add GPS. Bike thieves suck!

b b says:

So no charging port?

Ian Mangham says:

Turn signals and break lights are good,but that’s all I really like with this one.Great review though

Scott Musgrove says:

You guys always do great reviews (I’ve watched a million of them). I just got a Flash bike today and spent much of the morning riding it. It’s my first eBike and I love it! I’ve been a road cyclist my whole life and raced for the last 15 years or so. As a result I was a little skeptical about eBikes at first (I know a lot of roadies are). But when I test rode one of these, I was sold. I don’t think of it as a replacement for my normal road riding/training, but more as a car replacement/supplement. The plan is to use this bike for trips I might normally take in the car — anything from a couple of miles to 20-30 miles. I know I could take many of those trips on a normal bike, but the truth is I don’t. For me, cycling as always been more about racing/training/exercise — I just don’t really run errands/commute on a bike. But that’s changing now. The combo of power, range, safety features (running lights, horn, etc) and security (alarm and GPS locating) makes it, for me, a great bike for the money. Also, having grown up riding motorcycles, the throttle is pretty fun.

Andrew Hunter says:

I like the look of this one and it’s at a reasonable price what’s not to like.

Theo Wink says:

mixmatch van moof stromer for a affordable price
for the heavy gps batterydrain use a activated motion sensor or/on demand

Joey Love says:

Glad to see this review I thought something happened to Court.

Bob A says:

Hello Court-Missed ya! Nice bike, but the non-removable battery is a deal killer. I would have liked to see if the bike can reach the 28 mph mark without too much effort or otherwise. Some ebikes have a 250 or 500 watt motor, but seem to cutout to 50% power at certain speeds. I do like the design and features in bike color white for my preference. Easier to be seen in traffic.

Mr Jhonny says:

20th like!!

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