FLX Roadster Video Review – $1.8k Fast but Firm Urban Electric Bike, Road Ready

https://electricbikereview.com/flx/roadster/ The FLX Roadster is an affordable high-speed electric road bike with efficient narrow tires, no suspension by default but FLX does offer a seat post upgrade along with optional fenders, rack, and lights for safer night riding. Three different colors to choose from: White Lightning, Carbon Black, and Gun Metal Gray, only available in one frame size with high-step frame style which tends to be sturdy and light, this ebike weighs ~46 lbs. Purpose-built frame with internally routed cables keep it clean and durable, quiet mid-motor is well-balanced and effective at climbing if you shift thoughtfully, large LCD display, powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors. Offers pedal assist and trigger throttle operation… though only once you reach ~5 mph, FLX is only sold direct at the time of this review but comes with a one-year warranty and the company has been around since 2016.


Steve Donovan says:

I have a suggestion with all due respect. When you review a bike that’s not really really legal just keep it brief pointing out it doesn’t pass classes 1-3 so the viewer can be his/her own judge. Then get on with it. Those FLXs are like you say, cool.

Mataphysics says:

you have the seat way to low, your leg need to be nearly straight when at the bottom of your pedal stroke.

F r e e l e e says:

That is the Bafang Ultra.

Eicker MTB says:

Nice Video 🙂

Simple Skyline says:

Could you guys please do a review of the stealth P-7

cresshead says:

getting into your delivery now…so used to Court but you also do a good job just with a different style…good stuff and this helps cover more bike s which is cool.

Ddr Hazy says:

Frame is $600, battery $250, motor $500. Cost to integrate motor/battery to frame $100. 1 year comprehensive warranty is a $500 value. Also has free shipping, but it probably costs them ~$100 to ship it on average. Although battery and motor are old tech the bike has good value overall.

Timmy says:

Don’t buy anything from FLX. They have ZERO customer support.

Urban Cargo Bikes says:

Love all these fast mid-drive bikes! Taking advantage of the gearing is very smart. Would love to see you guys do a BBSHD review!!

huck finley says:

Very irresponsible to sell a bike which isn’t street legal. Total lack of customer service is icing on the cake!

ArthurDentZaphodBeeb says:

Lol, “it’s not that bad” “entry level” oh my.

Brady Loughner says:

Does anyone know if its possible to purchase insurance for an electric bike? i tried to purchase insurance for my electric golf cart that at ride in a private community and i couldn’t find any.

Flo Mo says:

You’re a good supporter of Court. Your video is clear and with good information. This bike looks very solid and rather masculine. The frame needs a bit of getting used to with its special design. Thanks for the nice review.

Marlinspike Mate says:

That bike will not do 40, it will barely do 30 with pedal assist. Doesn’t matter what you have the controller set to. The juiced air is a cheaper equal (no shocks) yet is faster and “legal”…
Labeling this illegal because you can set the controller above 28mph is a little absurd. Many ebikes have this option.

Jay Gurung says:

Hey brent your comment at 13.48 is so true, i live Brooklyn NYC and i have an Easy motion evo cross.And it happened to me two times that my removable display was stolen cuz i forgot to take it with me after i locked the bike.On the Easy motion bikes you can not use the electric function without the display so my 7 mile ride home was miserable, i was cursing and swearing to the person who stole my display entire time on my ride back home,i was super upset.Worst part was the next day after i woke up and brushing my teeth looking at my bathroom mirror as usual and i notice that there is one thick grey hair on my head.out of nowhere there’s a freaking thick grey hair it wasn’t there the day before.I am pretty sure i got that grey hair from stress and cursing at the the thief on my way back home riding really heavy bike for 7 miles on humid 90+ degree NYC summer.i pull out that piece of grey hair now i have five in the same area WTF. Thumbs up for your video.

pj520 says:

Not wasting my time on someone trying to be a safety mother hen. Review the bike and stop with the lectures!

daMacroGuy says:

Unless you really want a mid-drive bike, there are better choices at this price point. Someone else mentioned JuicedBikes, and I’d like to mention the E-Glide ST.

kawikaphotography says:

With that geometry and 350W motor there’s no way the average rider is going to get up to 40mph.

b b says:

How’s the costumer service and how’s their website stock?

Henry Roque says:

Great review and detailed writeup summary on your website link. I agree that throttle assist should activate at 2 mph instead of 5 mph to help get across intersections faster from a stop. Would be great to see a direct comparison video between the Juicedbikes Crosscurrent S and the FLX Roadster. Both are similarly very well priced and would like to see how the mid drive compares to the hub drive in overall ridability since as of yet we are not able to test ride both at the same time at a bike shop.

FLX Bike says:

Great review Brent, very detailed as always! Thanks for the safety warnings, of course we take the safety of FLX riders extremely seriously! After seeing this review folks will understand they are responsible for their own decisions. They have the freedom to choose which speed (if any) the motor cuts out at, or if it suits them better, they can always opt for slower bikes. We’ll choose to keep the fun in ebikes and ride responsibly. Any questions about the bikes, give us a shout here or http://www.flx.bike

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