Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite Video Review – $3.6k Comfortable City Cruiser Commuter Electric Bike The Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite is a comfortable urban cruiser with monoshock fork and adjustable suspension seat post, tool-free adjustable stem, swept-back handlebar, ergonomic grips, and premium Selle Royal Hz saddle with rubber bumpers. Extra long fenders with flexible mud flaps and a fully encased chain cover keep you dry and clean, more so than a lot of the competing electric bikes I’ve tested, ebike rated puncture resistant tires, durable hydraulic rim brakes with tool-free adjustable levers. Custom rear cargo rack is supported by a paint-matched main arm that reduces frame flex and boosts carrying capacity to 60lbs (27kg), it was designed with a Yepp child seat window, has pannier blockers, and a bungee strap. Offers some of the best ebike lights I’ve ever seen, both are wired into the main rechargeable battery and both have side window light tubes to increase your visual footprint, the tires have reflective stripes, the bike comes in three sizes, three color choices, and keeps weight low and center on the frame for balance and handling, it’s one of my favorites in this category.


tim meyhi says:

i sell the Gazelle bikes in the shop I work. The bikes are great, only issue at this point is that the rear fender tends to brake at the top of the rearlight attachment. Replacing the fender takes about 2 hours and a partially outbuild of the motor. Gazelle is looking into this isuue at the moment to fix it on future bikes

Marvin M says:

Hi Court, again very thorough review! I’m from the Netherlands and seeing you guys selling/reviewing Dutch bikes like Gazelle makes me feel good =)
We do have a long bicycle history and ebike sales have rizen so much in the last decade. I think it’s great to see the same trend in the US! I’ve travelled the west part of America and we took 2 bikes with us and if I’ve could have done on ebikes I would just because you could go further and thus see so much more beautiful scenery. In a lot of ways better than a car. Ps the cafe locks and the key sticking in is indeed standard, don’t know why but well, unfortunately in the city you always have to lock them (preferably with a 2nd lock) so we lock it standard almost by nature 😉
Ps 2 Beixo also makes pretty cool (e) bikes/folding bikes but not with a chain or belt but with a cardan (if I spell that correctly)
Don’t think they sell in the US yet but there’s a store next to my street (de Bilt) and I think they are worth looking at.
Regards Marvin

KagakuGakusei says:

Any word on when these will be available in the US?

Alexander Hamilton says:

This is the best bike there is. Period. This is the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow of bicycles.

Gary Fujioka Sr. says:

Great review Court, I always learn something. The fact that it was raining at your review locale underscores the Gazelle’s sales proposition; a safe, comfortable, fully-equipped ebike you can ride rain or shine, 365 days a year, from right off the showroom floor. The LED built into the rear fender is sweet. I’m loving that Grace Silver color on the Gazelle website.

augsburg says:

Great real-life review showing the rain. I’d never use the “water bottle” bosses for water bottles on a city bike. These days, mounting a water bottle is an old school idea for road racing. We all carry water – but it’ll be an old-day sized hydroflask type that melds into the city biking lifestyle, not a bicycle plastic water bottle. I’d thrown the water bottle into a pannier. On city bikes I’d want the bosses for mounting folding locks, pumps, etc.

MadCowTv says:

This is turning into the Chris Show lol. which is fine other company’s get in there get your bikes shown.

VoltageXx High says:

3.8k for v breaks ??

Juan Alfonso Noval says:

Beautiful bike and we’ll thought out details. Those lights are very cool. I love the integration into the fenders. Also, having Chris give his point of view and collaborate with his expertise is much appreciated. Keep the great reviews coming.

Dean Cade says:

There is no side reflectors on the wheels of both bikes so safety hasn’t been fully thought out.

Spudbutter1 says:

My father sold his car and got the 2018 model. He absolutely loves it! He got saddlebags and rides it everywhere. I take it for aspin when i can and am really impressed with the quality. The brakes are great and the key is a non-issue. He stores it in his livingroom instead of the garage, lol. It’s like art to him, who at 65 and not really a bike rider for the last 40 years, it changed his life. He can’t stop talking about it and that’s pretty neat to me!

Efrain Rodriguez says:

Bikes look great.

Katuy Snipes says:

I like it

roadpanzir says:

Beautiful bike, but rim brakes?

VerdonTrigance says:

What is about cold weather? Like from 0 to 5 Celsius?

imsigningin says:

Beautiful bikes, but I just can’t justify the price tag. There are so many bikes coming out now with solid, even though they’re off the shelf, bafang components for a whole lot less money. I found a cool bike called the Wing Freedom that is a perfect example of this, and there are many others.

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