GCN’S Commuter Challenge – What’s The Best Way To Ride To Work?

We just couldn’t agree on the best bike to ride to work so we put them to the test over 20km.
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Dan, Matt, Simon and Tom just couldn’t agree on what was the best way to commute the 20km back to the office after filming a news show.

So, they had a race. There was no prize for the winner, just the pride in proving that your chosen commute was the fastest, although there’s still some debate about what’s the best, so comment below and let us know your thoughts on that.

Dan chose his folding bike, Matt chose his relaxed road bike with mudguards, Simon rode an aero racing bike, and Tom took the off road route on his ‘cross bike.

Watch the video to find out the winner!

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ZenTeT says:

matt takes the paths i prefer to take to work my ride is about 30-40mins

Jesse Bekas says:

Love the production quality. No small feat shooting 4 rider montages dynamically.

Hans Keesom says:

Nowadays it would be an e-bike. Use the motor to work to stay dry and fresh, turn of the engine on the way home to work-out a bit more.


best commuter bike is electric road bike

axelris says:

“It’s 20k mate” i lol’d

Christian Benedict says:

This test missed one important option: An e-bike/pedelec. If you commute on a daily basis, a pedelec is the best option as you will reach your workplace not beeing exhausted.

Chris Davis says:

Weird that none of them just took the old railway line, I would say that is a really quick way to get around

Richard Sequeira says:

What bike is Dan riding?

bangmeister2012 says:

I would choose the metro and folding bike. Screw biking 10 miles a day

Nicolai Pedersen says:

Just get a downhill bike. It would be a good leg workout when you’re going to work and back. Wouldn’t have to think about leg days, since you’re doing it on the way to work 😉

Alistair Milner says:

Forget the bike, who let him on the train with those green trousers on?

Aventanario says:

Get a Foldable Bicycle

Kameo Hosley says:

I will ride the train. Lol

Onimirare says:

Fun fact: there’s no difference between road bikes and mountain bikes here in Brazil. The streets are going to destroy your tires, your bicycle and your legs no matter what you do.

steve taylor says:

Arse, not ass!

N1ckN1ck100 says:

So entertaining.

ramneek walia says:

Hi GCN Team, the video is very good.Please I want your advice. After seeing your videos, it has motivated me to pursue biking. Please guide me which is a good bike I should buy. I am 5,6 and want to loose weight. I am from Toronto, Canada . After seeing your videos, I came to know about aero bikes and endurance bikes. I like aero bikes but I think they are expensive. So please tell me entry level bike aero or endurance bike around $1000 and is fast.Please tell me the company and the model according to you which will be good for me. Thank you, Deep

Mario González says:

Croos bike looks like a good option for Mexico streets 😀

Trayland Hart says:

This is my favorite GCN video of all time. Just bought a $600 cyclocross bike. Thanks guys.

Thivus Thivus says:

what does putting yourself in the red mean?

Aaron Gygie says:

gadam that aeroad is just gorgeous

Jeremy Wright says:

Can anyone list the actual bikes used? I really like that cross road bike, I live in Phoenix, the low today is 80, and would be fun to do some road and desert riding. Not mountain, but dirt and road.

F15Ranger says:

E-bike mates

Bjorsa M says:

The ultimate commuter is a touring bike! With fenders, relaxed geometry, decent speed, carrying capacity for your groceries, durability and comfort.

josh colbeck says:

If you go off road buy a mountain bike

Max Maxed says:

I mean, who’s riding to work in a Spandex Nazi suit? That’s no bueno.

nenadcvele says:

So, everyone rides what they like. Just like me. I bought cheap new mtb for 120 euros and it’s great.

τιm я says:

i thought the Train would be faster than a roadbike but youre a beast xD

Mudpie Conspiracy says:

Guy on the folding bike wins. Smart move.

Alan Tilt says:

What no use of a Moulton or Brompton!!

Tom Fuller says:

Ebike, of course!

KAI H says:

Or get a motorcycle it s a bike but with an engine

Andrew Hoffman says:

Something like a Focus Paralane is my ideal commuter bike as it designed to cope with a wide variety of conditions.

PetrosRZ says:

I think Tim could have won this , if he had taken a Mountainbike

Ram Jose Sta. Ana says:

just love this epispde hehe

Andrew Choo says:

BMX bike is still the best.

mack anarcon says:

Dan is more than ready to start his day at work with a smile and energy


My Ebike. Heavier to ride than any of these when the power is switched off (to build muscle and fitness) and the power is available when I’m hungry and tired and 30 miles from home with a bad back or sore knee. More comfort, more speed, more safety more durable (big thick puncture proof tubes and kevlar tyres) and doesn’t blow away in a breeze like those things! Also, for someone who doesn’t drive a car like myself, lives out in the sticks and whose bicycle is their main mode of transport and is used mostly all day, everyday no other bike would be suitable for the job. Oh…And I carry often around 10-20 KG’s of weight in the panniers too. Let’s see one of these bikes do all that. Ebikes rule!!! This is a bike war!!! Nah just joking! There is no best way to ride to work…Different folks, different needs.

Dannie's Daze says:

would you be able to get either matt or tom’s style bikes for £600 or less?

Duncan Hui says:

Where is Matt riding? I thought he is riding down on Bristol-Bath Railway Path?

Roger Syversen says:

high speed bicycle paths and velomobiles please

oreo ninja says:

I’m a mountain biker but im planing to buy one of these road bikes

Toria Summers says:

I wonder if I may ask a question? For a newbie to this cycle commuting ‘bug’, what do you think of the Brompton in terms of stability, safety etc… I’m a 50 ….er something year old and perhaps not in the best physical shape and I have a 3.5 mile commute each way – nothing I know to you cycling boffins!! There is a slight gradient up and down hill each way and I just worry that the Brommie may be a little twitchy going fast downhill for example – I know it can be dodgy going over drains or pot-holes on any bike but I suspect more-so on a Brommie. Any advice you GCN chaps can give would be greatly appreciated, thank you – and please, keep the videos coming – I think they’re fantastic, informative but amusing and light-hearted at the same time, thank you 🙂

Jesse Morrow says:

cross bike… best commuter ever

MrBlackhawk49 says:

How about a Bike with Lights? Thats what i dont like about Road Bikes

Alessandro Bona says:

they should put some more humor like what we saw in TopGear

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