Giant Escape 3 Review! Best Sporty Commuter Bike!

Giant Escape Review! Best Sporty Commuter Bike!
This is my review of the Giant Escape. I ride this to school almost everyday and it performs great.





Nikon D3200
Audio Technica AT-875r
Takstar SGC-598
18-55mm lens

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Joaquin Odriozola says:

EXCELLENT review!! You never get to see so detailed clips of the bike in action in other videos

Reinout Roels says:

What size did you get and how tall are you?

millenium2003 says:


劉葆哥 says:

my Escape 3 is goner

drewmorg says:

Sick little bike. Did you compare with Cannondale Quick at all?

JapanJohnny2012 says:

Partly based on this nice review, I bought one an hour ago. Got 20% off and a free lock as it’s the 2016 model (big shout out to Kamei cycles, Yokosuka, Japan). I noticed the great acceleration immediately, but had to tuck my trousers into my socks for the first time since childhood, because there’s no chain guard. Narrower handlebars than I imagined, but I’ll get used to that. Very sporty, light, and fun to ride though.

lino pestano says:

Very nice video…even better if it was lengthier! Do you think you will do some upgrades or enhancements in the future? If yes, what do you think they would be?

Let's Do It !!! says:

Thanks for review today I was in shop and I almost buy it. 🙂

mitchxryan says:

Trying to decide between this and the Giant Cypress. I’m trying to maintain decent speed and remain comfortable, so which one should I get?

Gary Koch says:

Helpful review, thanks man!

KimCuongBatHoai says:

Ive just bought this one. Love it

mywristuncut says:

I have the same bike in XL size as I am about 2 meters tall. I have to sit much deeper in order to ride the bike. Weird.

Halibut 1 says:

the best bike review I’ve seen.  I like that you show the bike in action, cover braking distance, wide handle-bars, etc.

Jay McNeely says:

How do you think the shimano tourney will hold up?

Anwar Izzaoui says:

wich model is it 2016 or 2017

randy vazquez says:


Kenz300 x says:

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Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers needs to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health.

Louis Brown says:

the kind of review I look for thanks I love the info I got from this I think I mite be sold

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