Haibike Urban Plus Video Review – $3.6k Sporty, Fast 45 km/h, Commuter Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/haibike/urban-plus/ The Haibike Urban Plus is a sporty, sturdily built, urban electric bike that’s capable of 28 mph top speeds (Class 3) to cut down on commute times, thru-axles, large hydraulic disc brakes, stiff frame. Available in three sizes to improve fit and comfort as well as two color schemes, the white would keep you visible and compliment the reflective tires and integrated front and rear LED lights. Excellent utility here with tough plastic fenders and a sturdy rear rack, good weight distribution with the mid-motor and battery positioned low and center, both are nearly hidden on the frame. The TranzX motor isn’t quite as responsive as premium competitors (Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Shimano) but was quiet and offered shift detection, the fat tires reduce some vibration and add a bit of comfort but this is still a pretty stiff ride.


Maarten Vlasblom says:

This bike was sold earlier in Europa as Winora Radar Speed. Quite some similarities with Stromer.

Genecop Coppola says:

And good review as usual…

MarvFIT says:

They are giving these bikes away. I think they’re flawed.

ceebeedf says:

The location you’re filming in is beautiful. Santa Babara you say?

John Durkin says:

WOW, the big surprise here is the price and Haibike’s cheating on their German suppliers (mainly Bosch) and going with the value parts supplier TransX. Clearly Haibike is going down scale and the timing/pricing is suspiciously looking like a response to the soon-to-be-released Yamaha bikes (and supplier to Haibike for 2017 drive systems). Its a good idea for Haibike to have a few more affordable bikes to respond to Yamaha and others. I did note the new Yamaha bikes have some significant cost comprises like no dropper on the MTB. Well done to TransX in getting a smallish motor with 2 downtube solutions in the market while engineering powerhouse Bosch struggles getting its downtube solution to market. Look forward to EBR review of new Yamaha models and perhaps suggest a survey of all the drive systems out there, including Chinese suppliers, aside from the usual suspects like Bosch & Yamaha.

Randomdriving says:

I thought that I have seen this frame somewhere before but indeed I have. They do sell it also under a Winora brand as a “Radar Speed”. It the same bike with a different color and some small details like a drifferent saddle etc.

TomaCukor says:

It’s on sale at amego or izip for $1700! That price is insane!


Great E-bike I’m going to get myself one of those to see if I could get the money to get it.

MarvFIT says:

Court, do you think this bike would be a good long term investment as far maintenance goes in the future with getting parts for the motor?

Mexica Eagle, Warrior says:

Only took a year to go down Two Gran? Wanted this bike so bad but I wasn’t going to pay 5,500 for it and when I finally got to physically see it that thing is a Beast should be for military use only

Aaron Howard says:

is this a new bike? why is it on sale for 1699? and why is izip saling it on their website?

Genecop Coppola says:

Nice background..

pj520 says:

Nice bike! Love the lighting and electronics but where is the suspension? At least a front air fork.

james eagle says:

Can I remove the rack?

Alex Paulsen says:

Haibike offering YET ANOTHER option? I had a chat with a Haibike rep, and even he said Haibike sometimes admit to making too many different models. Quality, not quantity.

jacob paternostro says:

solid bike! we don’t get to see many 500w /48v mid drive systems. how does the power feel vs a bosch bike?

MarvFIT says:

I heard someone mention something about the manufacturer of the motor, that they were going out of business or something like that and that it would hard to get parts for that motor once you own this bike

Bob A says:

Hi Court-Finally, the bike we have all been waiting for! A real beauty indeed. However, I am not sure about the TranzX motor reliability. There was a dealer that had trouble getting parts to do a motor repair, so I am a bit optimistic to purchase if something fails.
I was curious if you were able to reach 28mph on the bike?? Not sure how much oomph the motor has on this bike. Outstanding review and nice lady too! Thanks and have fun in SB CA!

andy jarman says:

Haven’t seen the smart phone used like that before. I wonder if people will baulk at riding in the rain with their phone being rained on? Do people really listen to music and talk on the phone while cycling! I need to hear what’s coming up behind me, not sure it would be legal where I live. I’d be worried about dropping the phone too!

D Danilo says:

Outstanding review, Court! The active, integrated brake-light is EPIC! I hope we see more of this!

Rusty Paul says:

Any chance of a review of the Cube Nutrail Hybrid fat bike 2018? There are barely any videos online about this bike and spec looks insane!

Younes Tennoussi says:

I want to buy E bike

Nisco Racing says:

45km/h WOW!

Argent377 says:

Hey Court, thank you so much for reviewing the Haibike Urban Plus! We have been waiting for you to weigh in on this one. The review was excellent, thorough and well presented as always! Just FYI, in the first paragraph of your written review on ERB, you wrote, “…uncertain about the complex COBI system (not owned by Bosch)…”. Did you mean “now” owned by Bosch?

Ricky Lease says:

Nice bike and review. Had my eye on this ever since your review at Interbike. But they had issues with the frame so I bought something else. Keep up the good work

Dazlidorne Jenkins says:

Take a shot if he mentions the bike bell.

William Porter says:

At 26:49, was he really just doing a rear light closeup check or some other rear view check back there? 😉

abbaby555 says:

all it needs is a body float seat post, great review thanks for posting… it kinda made me a little home sick, I was a community service officer with Santa Barbara PD and that shop was on my beat

MotorheadRedo says:

Electric bicycles were used as props in the movie Downsizing with Matt Damon. The bikes look just like the Amego bicycles you reviewed a few videos back. I only mention it because you said she runs Amego.

Dazlidorne Jenkins says:

Additional shot if he actually rings the bell.

Skip the pump says:

Is that $3.6k Canadian?

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