Haibike XDURO Urban S RX Video Review – High Speed Electric Road Bike, Light Weight

https://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-urban-s-rx/ The Haibike XDURO Urban S RX is a high speed road bike with electric assist up to 28 mph (45 km/h), available in five frame sizes for improved fit and a vibration dampening seat post and shock stem for improved comfort. Efficient low-resistance tires with deep-dish aero rims and bladed spokes, keep the tire pressure up for best efficiency and reduced pinch flats, rigid fork further increases power transfer. Some of the most stylish integrated lights I’ve ever seen, they shine forward and through the sides and the headlight turns as you steer, powerful two-piston hydraulic disc brakes from Magura. The motor produces an electronic whine when operating at high RPM that’s a bit more noticeable on a road bike like this, no bottle cage bosses on the downtube despite having room, battery is mounted to the frame vs. being internally mounted for improved aesthetic like some competing ebikes.


Big T says:

electric bikes are fantastic but prohibitively expensive….I wish the prices were a bit more reasonable

George Herman says:

That seat looks like a ball buster.

Medium Rare says:

$5000… you know I really wish you start with the price sometimes I swear id still watch I just wouldn’t get my hope up so much..

Greg Palmer says:

Hello Court ,
have you thought about reviewing a Giant Road-E ?

John Clifford de Grood says:

Just wanted to say that I really, really enjoy your outstanding reviews and advice…keep up for many more!!..#
great fan from Amsterdam

Caesar Tin-U says:

This is one of my favorite reviews so far. Loved the chase and real night riding experience.

Did you ever notice a difference in what the shock absorbing handles provided?

Sceltic Irish says:

I rly love your channel, can u pls make a review about the new Riese&Müller Delite Bike?

250 watts says:

I dont like the battery clamped on the frame looks cheap, should have been integrated into the frame.


Are these lights only available on this bike ? . And what’s it’s price ? .

David Macdonald says:

cadence is King ctfu.

Rotormatic says:

Nice bike. Definitely pricey but it looks like value is starting to come up.

I’d be afraid to park such a thing and leave it unattended even for groceries or a doctor’s visit. I’d be carrying three locks and one being a Skunk Lock with active counter measure system. Also a $50 motion activated bike alarm.

Daniel Fuqua says:

Really appreciate your videos. Looking for my first ebike and this is it. Unfortunately, I cant find one anywhere. Any ideas of where I might find a 2016 Urban S RX?

kiwiokarma says:

Would you get the XDURO Urban S RX or the Urban Plus?

Ilay Goldman says:

Really Cool bike!

TheReviewChannel says:

Whats the name of the illuminated Helmet?

blitz boy says:

alot of noise for a mid drive. is that rattling noise coming from the from end or the chain ?

Rob Pennefather says:

Really nice bike and great review! High end specs, but come on Haibike – no bottle mounts and no rack or fender mounts. These are important features. Wouldn’t be hard to include a few bosses for bottles and some holes for fenders.

Xavier Morgan says:

“It smells like a lot of Marijuana” – 18:37

How do you know

J. McInen says:

It’s neat to see you and Sam in GTAV. I wonder what NPC action triggered the ambulance and fire truck there.

dmitry manzano says:

How do you compare Bafang BBS02 750W with this fancy bosch, etc. motors? I see Bafang mid drive just the best option for me. I live in a very poor country called russia and factory build bikes are insanely expensive if convert to my currency. I will buy Bafang BBS02 motor in a couple months when I raise enough money. Now I’m deciding on what bike to use for the motor upgrade. My folding bike Tern Joe C21 2014 or Bergamont Vitox 7.0 2015. Those are the only bikes that I’ve got. I like the Tern more because it’s lighter and faster but I afraid of the risk that metal fatigue can happen and be cause of sudden collapse. In your view, is it possible? Or should I put the motor on a reliable German bicycle with a quality strong frame? I use folding bikes because sometimes I need to use a subway as I live far from center. But statistically I ride mainly in my hood and only occasionally go to the center when bicycle parades occur. So as you can see it’s a very tough decision. I love and learn ebikes since the end of 2011 but after my last ebike was stolen on the 1st of July 2014 I got completely broke. So it’s 2.5 years already I pedal regular bikes and I have to say it’s very boring. I have strong legs but I rode regular bikes enough in my life to understand that ebike is an evolution of a regular bike. By the way I’m 25 years old. P.S You have the best job in the world.

samuel Townsend says:

Ah this one was fun Court. It’s looks much slower on camera but I remember flying up and down that parking garage. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for the E-bike community. Looking forward to seeing you the next time your on the West coast.

Le Lu Yan says:

thanks for the review, i hope you can do a review for the Haibike Urban Plus, i’m very intrigued about the new motor along the aggressive design similar to the stromer

Mark Elford says:

Bike is dope, thats why you smell maryjane all the time….sam brought up some very important points.

Ron OBlack says:

I really like the built-in lights. Just wondering if they have a flashing mode for daytime viability?
I’d love to see a comparison between this bike and Giant’s Road-E+

Tracey McNeel says:

Try the Lumos Helmet; it lights up in the front and rear which also comes with signal indicators.

cresshead says:

Haibike – they have that ‘cool look’…love em!

Kenneth King says:

Dude I would love one of these sadly that costs money I don’t have

Barrybados©. says:

Nice looking bike the mid drive sounds a bit heavy on the gears though .

Charles Duke says:

Clip on pedals a must?

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