High Tech Super Commuter | GCN Urban Challenge

Many thanks to Schindelhauer, Sena and Cycliq for the products used in this video. All views are the presenters own.

Ex-Professional Cyclists Matt Stephens and Simon Richardson take on one another in an urban battle of the bikes in Berlin!

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Also, should Matt be disqualified for using Roland as his human SatNav? Let us know in the comments 👇

Let us know what you think of the tech being used on the streets of Berlin in this video 👇

Ex-Professional Cyclists Matt “Tattoo” Stephens and Simon Richardson take on one another in an “urban battle of the bikes!”

The guys are starting close to the Siegessäule aka The Berlin Victory Column, and the race is on to see who reaches the Schindelhauer Bikes office on the other side of town first.

But who will win? Simon on his Schindelhaur Wilhelm bike complete with a Pinion Gearboxed Gates carbon belt drive with a 12 internal gears with a 600% range! or Matt on his Schindelhauer Viktor fixed gear bike, providing he can clip into the old school toeclips?
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Simon and Matt are also using Cycliq lights which operate with a similar functionality to a dashcam in a car, but for a bike! A combination of lighting and HD quality recording, pretty cool.
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With the use of Sena smart helmets with built in bluetooth technology as well as speakers & microphone, navigation is made a breeze, or is it? Watch to find out.
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moismyname says:

7:24 hmm, I wonder who is sponsoring this video…

Victor_who? says:

I like those Adidas he’s wearing lol

Michael Hinchey says:

No mention of Smart Halo. It’s worth a segment.

Jack MMyers says:

Didn’t they take your phones?

Sporting1210 says:

ay! Schindelhauer is super nice. Totally satisfied Wilhelm (with the 18 gear pinion) owner here. Though I have to admit theat the prices are rather steep for somewhat limited bikes, if you consider i payed over 5000 Euro for mine.The Pinion is simply a dream, but since the gearbox itself is VERY expensive and the frame has to be specially done for hoasting a Pinion pushes the price up quite a bit, the alternative of a Rohloff speed hup (works with a gates drive just fine with some alterations) should be mentioned.
One problem with owning a Schindelhauer:
you will never really be in peace when your bike is locked somewhere for longer then 15 minutes, where you do not have a direct line of sight (no matter what kind of and how many locks you use)

Maybe test Velotraum on occasion for bikepackers, which is another small, but popular aand high quality german Bike-manufactory.

Since you praised the gates drive so much I want to throw in some cons here:

– much more expensive in every way (you get three new chains for one belt)
– If you have to change the belt it can be rather tricky since it has to be perfectly centered.
– If you get the wrong muck on the belt it is over with being the silent wind – these things start to squeack like hell then.

Is t worth t? I’d say yes, but everybody considering getting a gates drive should know what he might get himself into.

Hugs says:

I thought you had your phones taken away

fritz walter says:

hipster bikes

ynotnilknarf39 says:

Still wearing helmets you bunch of weak kneed fannies! Putting yourself more at risk, you’re utterly clueless as per.

thisluke says:

5mins in Berlin and they wearing all black:)

chrl_tmpkns says:

We had our phones confiscated……..You can connect your helmet to the app on your phone…..

jaspal singh says:

Which bikes do you personally own? Please do a review on the orro gold stc disc di2

moismyname says:

Having nothing better to do, I put these two routes to the test today. As expected, Simon’s route recommended by Google Maps is much faster. I started out with Matt’s route as recommended by the fixie guy, but with a few logical modifications (I’m guessing the app they used to draw the route wouldn’t recognise the exact route). Time: 36:24 (but I did take a wrong turn, and my chain came off once, so let’s call it 34 minutes). Two beers, a gorgonzola pizza and half a world cup game later (congrats Belgium, that was a nice first goal against Panama), I took Simon’s route back. Again with some minor modifications, I avoided the coble stones beside Görli and took a minor short cut Google Maps apparently doesn’t know about. Time: 20:07.

I’m totally out of shape, trained cyclists like Simon and Matt could surely take a decent chunk off of both those times (in fact I’m annoyed I didn’t make it under 20 minutes, I was so sure I would. I guess I shouldn’t have had that pizza). Matt’s route does have 3 or 4 less traffic lights, but that clearly doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s some 6 km longer. However, it definitely is the nicer ride, and zipping through the airfield is always a pleasure.

rotaxtwin says:

There’s no shortage of fantastic commuter bikes, but the best is one that is still locked up where you left it – and these look pricey. If you can chain it to your desk, great. Out on the street? Wouldn’t do it.

Ethan Phillips says:

Phones taken away?

Wahyu Triyanto says:

You did a skid hahahahhaa

Christopher OAKES says:

Tory said they had there phones taken of them at breakfast. Do who’s phone was he using

Aleks Kon says:

What’s the name of rucksack that Matt has?

Aditya Chavali says:

Matt got help from Roland ..err..kinda cheating..:D

D681 ZVJ says:

I work at nights, and my company pays for a van service to bring us graveyard shifters from home to work (we call it a school bus service). I get to bring my folder to work in a bag, then cycle home when I log off. I live around 25 kilometers away from work. So the plus side is I get to ride all morning. Downside, I live in bike-hostile Metro Manila, Philippines, where the road network is literally trying to kill anyone on it.

Brian Perez says:

wait what?! they have brakes on their fixies isnt that dangerous? all of us fixie riders in los angeles dont use brakes. we just skid to brake or just run the red lights lol

Omar attalla says:

This feels like the bicycle version of topgear.

Guy Lloyd says:

Uhh.. Riding fixies in an urban environment? I thought that was a bad idea, right?

Justin Carlson says:

My bike is covered in tech and stuff

Crispy983 says:

Shitty door zone bike lane!

Brian Perez says:

oh btw i love the fixie love! keep it up guys! skidding down a hill seeing if youll stop before the red light is surely scary

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