IKEA Sladda Bicycle – Review and First Ride of an IKEA Bike

The Sladda is a multi-purpose utility bicycle made and sold by IKEA, a company famous for flat pack furniture. Ikea is known for its efforts to create environmentally friendly sustainable products. Ikea was founded in Sweden and currently has headquarters in the Netherlands. Both countries have more bicycles than people, so it is no surprise that they would be interested in making a bicycle.

The Sladda is a unique bicycle for many reasons. First, it has received multiple design awards for its artistic style and quality. It also features many advanced components normally found on higher priced bicycles. Components like: a kevlar belt driven drivetrain, an internally sealed 2-speed rear hub, 28″ wheels, an aluminum frame, durable powder coat finish, and an adjustable handlebar stem. It also has a front disc brake and a rear coaster brake. The Sladda is a large bicycle, and it comes in two sizes; a 26″ and a 28″. I purchased the 28″ version and didn’t expect it to be so large. Tall riders will find the 28″ version to fit them well. Smaller riders will need to ride the 26″ wheel size.

Overall, the bicycle rides exceptionally well on flat city streets. The 2-speed gearing makes starts easy and provides additional power when going faster. The bike is also very nimble and can dart around obstacles and make easy work of quick turns. This is due to the bicycle’s low center of gravity. Though the bike is almost entirely aluminum, it is surprisingly smooth and glides over bumps. Stopping is also pleasant with the disc – coaster brake combination. I am also fond of the bike’s scooter-inspired center stand. It looks cool and provides a stable platform that parks the bike and also acts as a bike stand. I also received a free bicycle headlight and tail light that I didn’t expect. The Sladda also has an integrated bike bell built into the front brake lever.

If you keep the Sladda utility bicycle off hills it is amazing. If you live in a hilly area you’ll likely want to purchase something with more gears. If you’re in a flat area or in an urban environment the Sladda is a great choice for commuting or using as a utility bicycle. Especially for those that need an bicycle capable of transporting cargo, as the Sladda has optional bicycle racks for the front and rear – and a towable utility trailer. The bike can carry riders and cargo up to 352 lbs, and it can tow up to 120 lbs using the Ikea utility trailer.

The Ikea Sladda is also very trendy looking with the minimalist design and matte finish. Most people have never seen an Ikea bicycle, so you will need to consider how many questions you’ll be answering on each ride. I’m very happy with my new Ikea bike and look forward to riding it for many years. With a 25 year warranty on everything except the drive belt (10 year drive belt warrant) and a 365-day money back guarantee the Sladda from Ikea is an amazing purchase.

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Sweswio says:

Full Send on the sladda? A lot better than those Walmart bikes

Gordon Reiher says:

Can you put it together with a single hex key?

peashumaru says:

All bikes should come with a kickstand like that,I checked both of mine and neither would be able to accept one….CURSES!

Hans J. says:

Thanks for the review, Ikea takes back the bikes due to possible snapping of the belt. I have three Sladda’s and like them a lot. I can get my money back at Ikea but I decided to keep them en convert the belt system to a Gates belt drive, the belt is 130 teeth CDX, front sprocket I chose 55 teeth and back sprocket 26 teeth. It was working perfectly and both the new belt drive still working perfectly, maybe even smoother. I have the trailer as well, it took quite some abuse, living in Amsterdam it is easier than using a car, I transported once 120 kg inside the trailer, over twice official capacity 🙂

LiiMuRi says:

I used to have the same shoes

Lance Aguilar says:

This a ad?

moha annaba says:

*$399* that’s a good price !

Jorge Ace says:

Very informative review.
I’m astonished they made a good bike,all their stuff is design crap.

DanielJr says:

Any update on this bike? I know it is no longer available but is there a bike like this around the same price range?

emanuel corlat says:

I am just so triggered because you put the quick release skewer with the lever on the same size as the rotor

thefreakinguy100 says:

i was just at ikea two days ago… never saw the bikes

trolling-to-wake-you-up says:

god damn, you can buy an entire household of furniture for the equivalent of that bike…. c’mon Ikea!

Donovan Creamer says:

Nice to see a Florence native with 25k+ subscribers.

Noggie says:

It’s so satisfying how the wheels synced up there.

Steve Hardy says:

I’m so bummed this bike is discontinued. I’d love to have one. I just love this bike.

Hortencia Moreno says:

Too bad it got recalled. Is there a follow up video?

randolph patterson says:

The problem that this bike has in common with department-store bikes is that there’s just one frame size. Although it’s offered in two wheel sizes for some unfathomable reason, the frame will only fit a percentage of all riders, and will be a poor fit for the rest of them. The seat & bar adjustments can only help fit the bike to riders of a limited range of sizes, most likely accommodating riders from about 5’2″ up to at best 5’8″. I also saw that the instructions were saying something about adjusting the saddle until both feet are flat on the ground, and that’s just wrong wrong wrong. I agree that two speeds aren’t nearly enough for a purported cargo bike, and this would be a big disappointment for anyone who’s actually intent on hauling serious cargo. So, make it in 3 or four different frame sizes & employ a multi-speed rear hub like a Shimano Nexus, and it”ll be a real winner.

ACR_master says:


Shane Parrott says:

mount point central!

Luobo Mu says:

The bike has since been recalled and is no longer in production. Main issue seems to have been the belt drive snapping.

Ben W says:

Ugly welds, otherwise nice bike

_Paws_ says:

YouTube has an interesting algorithm.
I am subscribed to an Ikea channel and a lot of channels that review things from food, games, tech, and whatever else. I suppose this video was recommended to me since the algorithm may have picked up on what type of videos I would watch.
TL; DR this video recommendation is not bad you made a good review.


Your roads are nice.

Stry says:

Now it’s recalled. 🙁

emil hellman says:

They have the stand couse every old cruisers had stands like that

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