Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike Review

Our Larry vs Harry Bullitt has about 500 miles on it, which is a big deal seeing our average trip distance is 3.6 miles! I figured this was a good time to post an initial review of the family cargo bike, how we built it up, and answer the question, “Would you buy it again?”

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Light & Motion Urban 350 Light –
Planet Bike Micro USB Rear Light –
Abus Bordo Lock –
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Hand Pump –
Portland Design Works Pork Chop Grips –

Splendid Cycles –
$3,000 Bullitt Alivio Build from Splendid –

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christian sister says:

3 grand?

effyleven says:

Music is too loud. Can’t hear you properly.

elie vanvlasselaer says:

Douze cycles are great, very nimble and one of the few that has an alternative steering system making it more stabile to ride at any speed. Don’t get the electric assisted one though, bionix is on it’s way out. For me the big difference between Bullit/douze and Bakfiets/urban Arrow is the seating position. The first are courier style and the second are Dutch style ride. In my experience ( I have 12 cargobikes ) the latter is more comfortable for long rides. The most important factor to consider is the child’s seating height ! With the models like Bullit your child sits very low. This doesn’t matter if you never come near any traffic, if you do use it in city traffic I would never put my kids in that position. I have three children and have been using selling and renting out cargo bikes for more than 10 years. I hope you”l enjoy your purchase

THAT GUY ON A BICYCLE of consurvation says:

Hey good morning from maine.. that’s Presque Isle Maine lol
I tried Google but can’t find the shop you got your bike from any chance of you posting or emailing me the contact information ty

Paulo Karvaly Viégas Fernandes says:

Cool bike! I ride a babooe cargo bike in Germany, and my kids and I always have fun when going and coming from school!

glen gelsano says:

Do you have a distributor in the philippines

Casey Saenger says:

Any hills on your ride? What gear ratios are you running? We’re considering one in Seattle for hauling our kid to day care, but are a little wary of a 250 ft climb over 1 mile with a 100 lb rig. I’d rather avoid the e-assist.

mro2112 says:

I don’t care what you say. $3000 is too much.

Nate Phipps says:

How did you secure the car seat in the box? Looks like you’re using a base, yeah?

Spinosor Britt says:

the original seat was way nicer funny splended took the bullitt seat off

Jason lee says:

amazing film quality… Keep up the good work!

Ried Meyer says:

Have you tried out one of these?

Dirk Bartschat says:

Hi 🙂 Klasse Video – hat mir Spaß gemacht beim anschauen.
Auf meinem Kanal findest du auch Videos zum Thema Urlaub, Dänemark, E-Bikes, Fotografieren, Events und vieles mehr.
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du bei mir vorbeischaust

harbinger808 says:

how tall are you and what is your inseam?… i’m looking at a bullitt also but want to make sure and can emergency stop if needed and flat foot the bike at a standstill if needed. looking to carry my 2 toddlers around.

David Macdonald says:

is there one that you can tour with and sleep in ?.

Jelke Terpstra says:

i have a bike, also a great option. i had a lot of issues with flat tires since I moved to Hoboken NJ. replaced the standard tire and tube with a Marathon Plus tire plus a self repairing inner tube. no issues for a year. maybe a tip…

Claire Richards says:

Do babies really have to be rear facing in a bike as well? I don’t think so, I think that’s based on car crashes, which are going to be different than any bike crashes.

Dave's Chew Review dot Guide says:

3000 bucks is ridiculous and just plain hype ! Hey bike girl any website out there that would have this bike even used for under 1000 ???

Spinosor Britt says:

are you still riding the bullitt?

G Henrickson says:

This is the first good review of a cargo bike I have seen. Subscribing immediately. Thanks SO much.

Rui Wang says:

I test rode a Xtracycle with Yepp & Hooptie in the back with my 2 year old son, and felt a bit uncomfortable when maneuvering the bike, especially when not riding. I know you mentioned the bullitt was twitchy… would you recommend it as a more stable option than a long tail cargo bike, or is it just a matter of needing more practice time riding it?

Claudio Marcelo says:

Genial la bicicleta.

JOHN Bortel II says:

Would this be a good option for touring?  Seems like if I wanted to carry a lot of gear, it would fit the bill!

Fernando García says:

Hermosa la bicicleta y la presentadora también, ja!
Me gustaría tener una bici similar, para pasear y de paso llevar objetos a distintos lugares.
Los felicito por su logro, aquí en Argentina no la puedo conseguir, aun…

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