MTB vs commuter bike – VooDoo Challenge 2

Mountain bike vs commuter in a high speed urban assault through the streets of Bristol, England.

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Krystal Skull says:

They should’ve worn different coloured jackets so to differentiate between in the footage!

Richard Ashton says:

I always wanted my commute to work (7 miles each way) to be invigorating, not exhausting. Also, unless it was bitterly cold, I got warm enough cycling with just Lycra shorts and top – thermal underwear on cold days.
This wasn’t a commute, but a race through town.

Elvies Rios Avillan says:

commuters all the . Nice to see someone representing commuter cycling sometimes , especially if you know your city . I use specialized ct disc to commute. Road /Gravel / alleyways . no problem 🙂

pierrelarouge says:

Riding like that is idiotic and gives cyclists a bad name. 

shartsandbagels says:

Voodoo ? Do they still make bikes ? The last one I owned was great ….sorta ….. Until the frame snapped in half . so there’s that…

gowd sake says:

I am impressed i didnt think I would see such an example of dick head cycling on you tube but you surpassed the pick of the dick heads

Carbon cricket FX says:

Voodoo is Halford shit

wayd19 says:

Frame rate

kikong80 says:

MTB in street is like riding a Jeep to daily go work… MTB was designed to hit mountains 😛

Road bike in street is like riding a F1 to daily go work…Road bike is designed to wear maillot and special gear and let you get more than 25mph avg (if you can)…

Fixed gear in street is like riding a F1 with only one speed to daily go work…My respect but you need excepcional legs and skills here, and you will got more sweat than if you commute with gears…

Folding bike in street is like riding a folding Stroller with big wheels to daily go work…Is designed to get it off your trunk or closeth and hit short distances (-8 miles) even crazy dudes do touring with bromptons (for me that is the same as a long time vasectomy)

Hybrid / Commuter/Touring / Ciclocross / Adapted 80s steel road bike/ those are to enjoy daily go work… here is where you need to look if you want to commute like a sir.

I have all of the bikes i mention, I experiment with them during this years, and I commuted to work with them,  but is only my point of view, here the tarmac is like the moon potholes everywhere, maybe in better tarmacs road bikes and folders are an option… (sorry my bad english)

Strelitzia Pete says:

of course mtb built for rough surfaces and stunts the commuter be better on smooth surfaces

techCC says:

yasss bristol

Robotron 2084 says:

Pathetic, where do you idiots get off thinking you can ride like this on public roads and footpaths, i guess you think you are trendy urban Eco warriors on your Eco friendly bikes, you just come across as a bunch of irresponsible Tossers. You want to promote the use of bikes? get real.

flyingace9099 says:

All I can say is that, that was not in anyway a real world comparison between a MTB and a Commuter bike as a practical mean of transportation, I can’t think of anyone who would ride that aggressively going into work on or especially off road. Riding a bike on the sidewalk is ILLEGAL removing the MTB’s one advantage in this video, following the law he would have been forced onto the road where the commuter bike would have won comfortably.

yamndumplin666 says:

did the hybrid or mtb win?

Chris Barraza says:

“How to ride like a dick” – by voodoo cycles

Asbjørn says:

This is like comparing a icelandic offroad racer to a lambo, completely useless and idiotic

Darkvine says:

go watch in the line of sight and other fixie races, now that is some mad street racing

David Williams says:

what a stupid fucking video no respect for other people but going fast cutting across roads blah blah blah

Clac Clackerson says:

What shit.

Cory Bonds says:

well of course the mtb won, he cut through a bunch of fields, not really a fair race


i can hit 37kmph on my mtb on flat roads and 48kmph on downhills…

V.I.K says:

2.15 wow

David Williams says:

This is what gives us decent cyclists a bad name bunch of fucktards #norespect

josejn2007 says:

I think that the result relies on the rider rather than on the bicycle.

Kandi Klover says:

meh either or. pick what you like and stop whining about it. i mtb all over the road and hold 20 mph easy. you can change tires easy.

hardcorehopk1ns says:

Just got my first new bike as the old ones falling apart and currently has one pedal haha. I wanted a Hybrid I don’t really go on rough terrain to get to work wanted bigger tyres ect. after crapping myself on a friends racer they were too extreme… ended up getting the Voodoo Marasa… gears seem a tad dodgy I’ve never had a new bike so not sure if they need to be used a bit to get better or whether they need sorting from being rush jobbed when put together but…

Semii re says:

what tyre are they use? and size?

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