New Boardman product preview: 2018 URB Street / Urban Bikes (UK CycleShow highlights)

Today Boardman bikes had a product preview of their hot URB Commuting / Urban / Street bike which has a go anywhere design. Innovative drivetrain, new saddle design, new grips, wide tyre clearance, sharply designed aluminium frame and (optionally Shimano alfine di2) but still around 10kg and from £699. VOTE your opinion of this bike in our youtube POLL


howdifficult1 says:

Are the Boardman HYB bikes (available through Halfords) just the poor cousins of these Boardman URB bikes?

Kevin Westwood says:

Boardman didn’t have one mountain bike on its stand,they said they were going for a road focussed show,and if I wanted to see there mountain bikes to go to Halfords,very disappointed in boardman.

Emil Iliev says:

Gorgeous bikes !

Other Peoples Meeples says:

Boardman. What a joke. Mine nearly killed me due to manufacturing defect – sued Halfords twice and won twice. Vid coming soon.

Gillenz Fluff says:

My bike is a bored man bike!

jack jones says:

Damn, id be all over that 8.9 if they finished the job and put a belt drive on it.

Rick P says:

Shame they don’t have one between the middle and the top. I’d prefer the belt drive without all the Di2 stuff (which appears to be eminently nickable perched on the handlebars like that) and with mudguards on it. They put mudguards on their new All Seasons bikes but not their commuters – baffles me.

Douglas Beattie says:

Shame they’ve just got the new hybrid range out before the more new performance and new elite ‘road’ bike range for 2018/19. For a Urban commuting / urban street riding I use a more lower end priced bike like £300-£400 tops especially just for my everyday city riding and work commuting. I hope they bring out the new 2018/19 (every 2yrs) ‘road’ bike specific range very soon.

stijndeklerk says:

Bit confused on why you are showing us these bikes. Of everything on show there must be more performance oriented innovation.

UweGranzow.films says:

Love my Bordmann URB 8.9! Really fast “Cityflitzer”! Greetings from Berlin.

Gary Ward says:

Not really sure in Boardman’s orientation these days. Some good ideas on these bikes technology wise, but they aren’t on any performance bikes? Boardman lack any performance MTB bikes (considering they do the performance CX bikes and Air road bikes and all the special paint jobs). They just need to put it all together and come up with a decent performance range across the board and release it all at once. Its like every few years they have a release on Hybrids, then road, then MTB, then CX. I would like to see a complete new range every year or two, not bit and bobs all over the place. A new MTB range must be due soon since the latest was 2015/16, hopefully including some carbon and 12spd, maybe DI2? A £1000 Pro 29er isn’t as top spec as their road air bike range or carbon CX range £2.5 – £5k+ !!

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