OHM Urban Video Review – Silent, Fast, Commuter Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/ohm/urban-ebike/ The OHM Urban is a near-silent, feature rich, urban hardtail electric bike that’s available in four frame sizes and can be switched from Class 2 with throttle to high-speed Class 3. Proprietary torque sensor is integrated into the 12 mm rear-axle, it feels fluid and sporty to pedal with and less finicky than older TMM4 or bottom bracket sensors. OHM overbuilds their bikes so even though this is an urban model, it still has a tapered head tube, 15 mm thru-axle, adjustable air fork, and hollow spindle bottom bracket. The BionX D-Series hub motor is powerful and quick but visually it does stand out more than a compact gearless design, the trigger throttle only activates if the bike is moving.


Nisco Racing says:

Nice Stromer Bike got a competitor!

mtlnascarfan says:

I was really interested in the bike.
Right up until the 5:06 mark of the video.

The only “premium” thing about this bike is the price.
Nothing on this bike warrants a $4k price tag.

Chris I says:

LoL )) that shirt

Dylan D. says:

Riding starts at @17:39

James Mason says:

yes bionx

Andrew Hollywood says:

I think i hear the fender rubbing.

Joseph Markovich says:

do you lick mens butts?

Mr. Mountains. says:

I’m interested in what bike is best / most powerful for hills. I don’t have to go far, I just need power for hills where I live.

Earl Mayuga says:

Welcome back to Vancouver! Thanks for all your great reviews!

actnowone says:

Man you should be on TV, the rundown on the bikes you’ve perfected.

frank doster says:

wow is that quiet

Rob T says:

nice bike, but at $3,500 bucks. OUTCH! going to have to pass on that price point.

John Rogers says:

14 gauge spokes a rider 200 pounds a few pounds of gear add some weight from motor and toss in some torque and you got an awesome spoke breaking machine!!!

tarstarkusz says:

No matter what kind of brakes you have, there are physical reasons they really aren’t going to slow you down much quicker. Rear brakes completely fail at around 0.3G-force where the real wheel will actually lift off the ground and a total of around 0.67G-force which will throw you over the handlebars. The brakes are really about control and ease of pulling. You simply cannot stop a bike faster because of your brakes. Even the cheapest brakes are capable of generating these G-forces, it just takes more hand strength.

D Danilo says:

Wow! It really IS quiet, Court! Even when the camera is clamped to the frame, and some extra sound is picked up through induction! AND bottle cage bosses…OMG!

Renebq says:

What does “Region Mode” mean?

3dkiller says:

Schwalbe tires are high quality, i am on Marathon plus designed for 50km/h did 16thousend km still going strong!. Anyways the bionix bike looks awesome!.

Steve Donovan says:

A nice built bike that looks good too. I’d love to own it but I still favor ebikes that are more stealthy the bionic motor is too obvious. But good design nonetheless, it looks superior to the typical hub motor.

Bilquis Wadoodi says:

Good review. I am a subscriber. How do compare this bike to the Specialized Vado 6.0 yellow ducks?


Another thorough review. Thanks for all of your work.

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