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This is the Ortlieb Commuter Bag pannier in size Medium and color Pepper.

The Commuter Bag easily holds size A4 papers (8.5″ x 11″), a laptop (up to 15″), clothes, lunch, and other things. As a daily commuter it fits my work purposes. It looks nice too!

This bag is obviously marketed toward a bike commuter so using it in combination with other bags for touring is probably not an easy task as it must be angled for heel clearance and this makes use of the top portion of the bike rack less practical. The Commuter Bag is also probably also best suited for less heavy loads than conventional panniers because it mounts at an angle.

Why not just throw a backpack or messenger bag on my back? It is more comfortable to store luggage on a bike than yourself and having the weight lower to the ground helps improve handling.

However, even though the Ortlieb Commuter Bag has a laptop compartment I think it is still worth considering that the best place to store sensitive electronics is on your body to prevent vibrations unless your laptop has an SSD hard drive.

There are less expensive options, but I think this bag will hold up for the long haul. Generally I carry very few things with me on my commutes anyway, and go without any bag.

Things to consider when selecting a bike bag… carrying capacity (size, volume, load), price, looks, mounting system, waterproof or water resistance, weight, easy of use.

The Commuter Bag is waterproof to IP53. Read about waterproof-ness ratings here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code

Ortlieb Commuter Bag info: https://www.ortlieb.com/en/produkt-details/?produkt=commuterbag_urban&list=office-bags&slug=radtasche&clearname=Office%20Bags

Tip: Use electrical tape at the contact points where the hooks rest on the rack to eliminate any rattle noise and/or scratches.

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spacecats says:

as much as I would love to have this bag its not for me 😉 and that’s only because i’m 19 turning 20 soon and pretty much live my life on a bike. I decided 2 years back not to bu a car unless necessary and heck I might not even buy a cay maybe a motorcycle. So when buying groceries and hauling my tech and whatnot I USED to use a mission workshop bag and loved it but slowly moved away due to very low organization. I might get panniers for groceries and maybe the aer fit backpack for extra clothing and tech or get a messenger bag.

William C says:

I love my Chrome Industries backpacks (I have a CITIZEN and a BRAVO ). I’m a college student so I need my laptop, papers, cycling jack’s, food or whatever. If I was commuting to work only then this would be awesome

Francesca Chiaverotti says:

Do you have any recommendations for good commuting saddles? Thanks so much!

Digby O'Dell says:

Have you had the bag on and loaded with something and out for a ride? Seems about mid height but I suspect you’ll still feel it when you stand and rock. I had my Winter bike out with the high basket beam rack with about 13 lbs. in it and I really couldn’t stand or if I did, I had to keep the rocking very limited or the fishtailing feel was a bit strange.

Sam Murray says:

Does it rub when you’re wearing your high heels, mate? 🙂

Mathieu Jobidon says:

where did you buy that?
also can you buy it online?

Digby O'Dell says:

Are we going to see the grocery panniers and baskets next? Very nice trunk and commuter bag but a little highfalutin for me! It doesn’t look like both will fit comfortably on the rack at the same time or will they?

Ravi C says:

No no noooooooooooooooo. http://www.rei.com/product/881314/timbuk2-tandem-pannier-bag-pair Its also waterproof and balances on the rack

Fehmi Cirak says:

If you are planning to carry your laptop with this, it is not sufficiently padded. You might need also a soft laptop sleeve.

David Ortiz says:

You should do a video on tips for cycling on a city road where there is cars

frank doster says:


henri__ goes places says:

Hey Thank you for this great video! Just one more question: Now that you have used the bag for some time, how water-proof has is it actually been? in what situations did you have it with you, hard rain, for instance? thanks 🙂

David Ortiz says:

Where did you get the bag ?

Michael Thompson says:

Have you bought all these bags?

My Homepage says:

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