Pure Fix Single Speed Bike Review

Every so often, you have to get on your bike and ride!


Sean Patton says:

Great video! I was smiling the whole way though. Keep doing your thing! Cheers!

PEKKAfingers says:

Shut the fuck up LOL

Lulbasaur says:

Is this a joke?

a237mL says:

Creepy guy alert.

Edit- this guy may start off creepy but he’s funny as hell, especially the checking cameras part.


Jose Lopez says:

I bet this guy has kid or two chained in his basement

Leonardo Martinez says:

I love this guy

Adan Contreras says:

he’s exactly like my english teacher lmao this nigga crazy

wowflower says:

you give me hope! fun video

low rez says:

The gold spoke is meant to make it easy to find the valve.

ghoulyd -/- says:


John Harrington says:

The random gold spoke it to tell you where the valve stem is to inflate the tyre

Ernesto Ortiz says:

Great video dude

Andrew Warfield says:

Is this irony? I cant even tell anymore.



Arrogant Assassin says:

You’ve got a couple of women locked in your basement don’t you?

rysler7 says:

ahaha i don’t care about bikes but thats a great video 😀

TJ2753 says:

Good camera and editing skills and great sense of humor, subbed!

John R says:

It’s Michael Scott from “the office!”

AChav92 says:


Pride Fitness says:

This shit was fucking funny

Silvio Masahiro says:

Dude, you are funny haha Also a great review

kastard says:

This guys happy

Joël Ismail says:

I just ordered this bike! thanks for the best product review I have ever watched! lol ^^

Madcatdave says:

I couldn’t stop watching lol.

Ski Mask The Slump God says:

I fucks with this dude

Jason Davis says:

“I pet a bumble bee this summer” hahaha

The Delica Diaries says:

dude im fucking dead this is so funny

gman gdog says:

This is fucking hilarious

Tinolaw says:

This Guy xD

Jose Dela rosa says:

nice bike

Max Eilefson says:

r u fuckin stoned

Jason Juarez says:

This dude is so frekin weird

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