Rad Power Bikes RadCity Video Review – $1.5k Quiet Electric Bike with Throttle, Lights, Fenders

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radcity/ The Rad Power Bikes RadCity is an affordable, feature-rich, city style electric bike that comes in two sizes, two colors, and offers great adjustment in the stem and handlebar position for comfortable upright body position. It offers fenders, lights, an integrated rear rack, optional front rack, optional suspension seat post, and other accessories. Responsive 12-magnet cadence sensor provides faster starts and stops, both brake levers have motor inhibitors, there’s also a twist throttle for instant power and you can turn it off if you want to. Fatter hybrid tires compliment the spring suspension fork to reduce vibration and discomfort on varied terrain, the fork has lockout adjust as well as preload, large mechanical disc brakes stop well. Gearless hub motors are durable but also weigh more, produce some magnetic drag, and aren’t as zippy or powerful at low speeds, great attention to detail with a derailleur guard and torque arm at the rear dropout.


Otis Page says:

Got the 2017 version. I’m 62 and 270 6-5. Crazy fun. I take 2 batteries and end up going 30 miles.

Ron J says:

No flats

Lenny7118 says:

I’m disappointed with Rad Power Bikes. Rad shipped the 2018 RadRover’s out to their customers that bought them but NO other bikes are available yet. Rad took full payment for the pre orders but still no bike other than the RadRover is available. Other big Big companies only take a deposit and the rest of the payment when the Bikes ship. I pre ordered and paid in full for a 19” RadCity. I GUESS RAD POWER BIKES IS WAITING FOR THE SLOW BOAT FROM CHINA TO ARRIVE!!!

Glenn Watson says:

Nice product, well done video as usual

Alex Green says:

Hello how are you doing would you choose this bike or a pedego 2018 black edition city commuter

el r says:

making banknotes from Chinese slavery MF

Shaheer Khan says:

If u r 6 foot 3 inches tall, would you recommend 16 or 19 inch model

low key says:

I hope they can sell Rad city here in Europe.

Celes Manalisay says:

What is your top e bike?

Kameron T Devin says:

You get so much for your money, and it’s just from such a great group of people that care about your safety as well. Thx Cort…

Chuck Koehler says:

I saw a radrover video where the guy set the max. speed to 40 km/h, so I am assuming that max speed is about 25 mph if the display max. setting is the same on these bikes. the 16″ has a standover height of 29″ and the 19″ has a standover height of 31″.

I like the rad city, juicedbikes (crosscurrent S), cyclotricity.com, addmotor, and Ego seagull as potential mid-range electric bike purchase (1,300 to 2,000). Luna cycles has higher-end (2,000 to 5,000) electric bikes that look nice and of course, Ancheer is at the lower-end below $750. I’m looking for a large frame size 19″ to 21″ as I have a 33.4 to 35 inch inseam (depending on shoes I wear) and being 6′ 1″, so I am more limited as I want a decent frame size.

Ron Matrover says:

does the battery can be use to any of 2018 model bike of radpower?

Jesus H Medrano says:

wouls this be the best bang for the buck ebike??? dont wanna spend 2700 ln a specialized vada

el r says:


B20Vitb says:

what kinda helmet is that

mitchell megaw says:

I’m 5 11 and I don’t know if I should get the large or the medium because my height is kind of in between the recommended frames.

Move_I_Got_This says:

Quality, American, Cheap Prices…..WOW I am impressed!
And the review was professional and very informative.
I literally went to go buy one and they only have the mini available. 8(

F Mat says:

I don’t know???? when those electronics start fritzing????? But I guess if you love your smart phone, this is just your style.

jOelrOd99 says:

Does the motor feel like it surges on and off once you hit the rated (governed) max speed?
My only experience was with a mid drive unit and didn’t like the feel.
Just curious if the hub drives felt the same way in that regard.

Thank you

dougdevine27 says:

Not cool that Rad changed the battery connection. It’s the same electricity (48V) coming out…so why change the physical connection? It would’ve been great to use my old dolphin packs from my 2016 (!) Rover on these newer models. Also, they set the precedent for baking in obsolescence in their bikes. Since I can’t use my old battery packs with the newer models and the packs have plenty of life left in them and there’s a nontrivial threat of them switching connectors for no good reason in a year or two, why would I consider buying another Rad bike? Poor decision on their part. Too bad because I really like the all the other tweaks they made. It seems to me making an adapter to allow the old dolphin packs to be useable with the new models is the smart decision.

John Hufnagel says:

Well made, quality and durability. Definitely would be on my “buy it” list without the decals.

Marcus Berger says:

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

Informed citizen says:

I think the M2S All terrain 750 is a better value than this bike. Better components and a bigger battery. Have you ever reviewed one?

guacamoleboiii says:

im looking for a good alternative to jump bikes because there aren’t any where i live, anyone know if this is similar to that? also can someone sit on the back

Gerald Scott says:

22+ minutes and not a single thing said about the range. Totally worthless video.

Jon Hathaway says:

Great review! Thank you!

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