Rad Power Bikes RadCity Video Review – Sturdy City Commuter Ebike with Regen

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radcity/ The Rad Power Bikes RadCity is a value priced but featured packed urban commuter style electric bike with everything from fenders, to LED lights, rear carry rack and regenerative braking. Solid driving and braking performance with a 750 watt gearless hub motor and 180 mm mechanical disc brakes… you get five levels of assist plus twist throttle that overrides with full power. Comfortable 2.3″ all-terrain tires, basic suspension fork with lockout, ergonomic grips and an adjustable angle stem, the bike comes in two frame sizes for improved fit!. Gearless motors are durable and quiet but less zippy (especially from start) and tend to weigh more, the RadCity weighs ~60 lbs which is on the heavier side, rear light is not wired in.


Jon Neet says:

We live on the big island of Hawaii near Hilo, in the Puna District. It is an area that gets loads of rain, yet has awesome sunny days. I have been caught in rains so hard here, you had to pull the car over and wait it out, as wipers, even at high speeds, would not let you see. Been caught in heavy rains on my SYM HD200 scooter a few times, and limped home.

I am considering an electric bike, mostly for runs to Pahoa and back (maybe 12 -16 miles round) and into the beaches in Hilo and back (more like 32-36 miles round). This bike, having fenders included, is a big attraction should I get caught in a rain.

metamorphicorder says:

i have a friend who was looking for personal transportation. a car is a bit of a wrestle for him, so he asked me about a motorized bike and i suggested electric. well i had some experience with electrics and started researching something good for him, both price and quality. i discovered RPB and knew it was right. great specs and price. so he bought a rad wagon. he loved it, but then he moved. upstairs. and the wagon is a little heavy and its too long for a standard car or bus mounted rack, so when the rad city came out, he bought one of those. so, he had an extra bike and a small apartment. so im buying the wagon from him. he loves the new city, much easier to take up stairs and fits a standard rack on a bus. these are very nice ebikes. theres 1600 plus miles on the wagon and hes already but several hundred on the city. super quiet, decent components, strong frame and wheels. its actuakky much quieter than this video, the mic on the camera is pretty high gain and picks up frame vibration and frequency you cant really hear while riding and 10 feet away. great bikes. best for the price for sure.

Tom Irwin says:

I’m impressed with Rad.. fair pricing & solid prroducts ! Thanks guys/girls, VERY much appreciated.. Thank you Cort/EBR for your reviews, always a trusted source..

Jasmine Cook says:

15 minutes and he has yet to ride the damn bike.

Bobby Shah says:

Cort, Every e-bike reviewer and vlogger (including you) never seems to change or even us the gear cassette to change gears based on terrain. Is there really a need for “10 speeds” when so few change gears? Your thoughts?

Julian Lohss says:

Does the motor drag on you pedaling if The battery dies? Seriously looking.

Ken Cooper says:

I bought the 20″ Radecity. I’m 6’2″ but have a 31″ inseam. The bike is too tall for me (hard to imagine – nothing in my history has ever been too tall for me). To straddle it I have to stand on my tippytoes. To me, an old guy, it’s not safe to ride. Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve put less than 5 miles on it and have owned it 20 days. But since I’ve ridden it it appears it doesn’t qualify for return or exchange. Now I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

pacificdragon1 says:

Please tell me which power system is better in your opinion Direct Drive Hub motor or a Bosch Crank Power system and let me know why? Thanks

ZacPerfect 1 says:

I know this Bike is good for rugged terrain but would it be good for hunting(transportation)

Jessa Phillips says:

I don’t understand why these battery designers can’t put the usb port on the top end of the battery? like up on top so the wire is out of the way, its close to your handlebars for maintaining phone battery on gps, etc. i’ve seen usb’s on the side like this and on the bottom of the battery but never up on top…

007vsMagua says:

I think this is the bike I want to get. I’ll probably wait till spring as I live in Minnesota…the snow will fall soon. This review is a year old and I noticed you never mentioned ‘Rad Power Bikes’ when you attended the 2017 ‘Interbike’ show and covered all who attended. Were they a no-show? I like what I see about Rad Power Bikes and I’m hoping they are still going strong and I’m looking forward to their 2018 products…if there will be any?

007vsMagua says:

Do all disk brakes squeal like that?

tybeejeffro says:

Just curious, does the Yuba Bread Basket fit on the RadCity’s forward frame mounting points?

Wm Napier says:

Could someone explain to me a little about the stand over height!!! Is it the height to the top of the frame bar in front of the seat. Asking because I am a little short legged and 31.5″ on the 16″ Frame seams a little high for me!!! (Maybe)


The RadCity electric commuter bike comes in two frame sizes with recommended rider heights of:

16″ Frame Size (31.5″ stand over): 5’2″ – 5’10”
20″ Frame Size (32.5″ stand over): 5’11” – 6’7″

Cleber Rocha dos Santos says:

How much torque has this motor?

richierich2563 says:

radcity or radrover? it’s a hard decision

Meno Passini says:

Does anyone one know of a better quality electric bike?

VideoNOLA says:

For the entire minute from 24:00 and on, my ears tell me the motor never cut out, even when you stopped pedaling. Seems to contradict your assertion that they’ve “dialed in” the 6-magnet cadence design… or does it?

Jacqueline Waters-Manesis says:

DO you feel this motor is any less powerful than having the gearing in the radrover? I would love to see a direct comparison between the two as I am torn on which to buy, the advantages seem that this is more of a normal bike meaning more options for upgrades like forks, tires, group set etc. but I wonder if that motor is as good as the geared bafang on the rover.

Bruce Perry says:

It could be fun to have a solar charger for my Rad city Anyone giving good advice on how to do that?

Ken Grunke says:

Great video quality, are you using a camera stabilizer? Top-notch review, and bike manufacturer. Wish I could afford one!

pie189 says:

think that bike would work well in the snow?

Hamid Shibata Bennett says:

I thought I heard a mention of the chain hopping off the gears on the Radcity in another one if your reviews. Is this still an issue?

Jon Neet says:

Can someone explain “regenerative braking”?

David Macdonald says:

cadence rocks .

s trav says:

Hey dude. Great videos.

TyzGamin says:

Should I buy this?

Snails Negron says:

Was the mini foldable?

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