RadCity Bike – 1st WEEK REVIEW!

Sharing my experience with Rad Power Bikes RadCity after 1 week and just over 100 miles of riding. I talk about the following:
– bike sizing
– pedal assist wattage and programming changes
– why I chose RadCity over other models
– regenerative braking
– and more

Sorry for the wind noise! I’ll try to find a windscreen eventually. (UPDATE 09/24/17: I bought a new mic right after this video and no more wind noise)

Happy eBike riding!


Links to equipment I use

Yepp Maxi Seat: https://amzn.to/2LBpBLG
Phone holder: https://amzn.to/2LxCO8e
Cygolite Dash light: https://amzn.to/2LvyGFL
Camelback water bottle: https://amzn.to/2ofujFr
Water bottle cage: https://amzn.to/2MWPz0F
Lav microphone: https://amzn.to/2wsVbFM


Rick Rogers says:

Thanks for the review. Will be checking your other videos on the Rad City. Is your bike the 20 inch frame?

RelaxingASMR says:

Nice review. Thanks.

Lee Foster says:

What size frame did you get, 16″ or 20″?

Guillermo Ortiz says:

Hey brother..hows the rad power bike been ?i just ordered us a mini and rover.. how has the thule child seat been? We went witht the weehoo instead of the thule seat? Are you still using the thule child seat ?

gbird5000 says:

I like watching these kind of videos even though I already have a radrover but there was a lot of wind noise on this one so I had to stop. Maybe you can fix it in future videos.

Collin says:

Beautiful bike. Excellent video. A lot of helpful information ! Thank you.

Steve Flow says:

How does the hub motor work?

Can you stop pedaling and just coast?

RadCity eBike Vlog says:

Quick links to aftermarket add-on equipment.

Phone holder: https://amzn.to/2LxCO8e
Cygolite Dash light: https://amzn.to/2LvyGFL
Camelback water bottle: https://amzn.to/2ofujFr
Water bottle cage: https://amzn.to/2MWPz0F

Other equipment not used in this video but added after.

Lav microphone: https://amzn.to/2wsVbFM
Cygolite Dash light: https://amzn.to/2LvyGFL
Yepp Maxi Seat: https://amzn.to/2LBpBLG

Puss says:

Hi how’s the bike now, any problems came up since your video?

Andre Normand says:

Does it comes fully assembled

Growing Crazy says:

I purchase a 19 inch radcity electric bike earlier this month 09/2018 started to have noise in the rear spokes on the first day that I rode it. I brought my bike to the local bike shop thinking that it just needed the spokes to be tuned. The bike mechanic said that this is the second radcity bike that has had come to the shop for this complaint and he believes that it’s a design flaw the spokes are too short. The bike shop also said they spoke on the phone to rad City about this and the owner decided to send the bike back to rad City. So I decided instead of me shipping and waiting and waiting some more and not knowing if it’s going to be done right, I decide to have him repair it, they are going to rebuild the rear wheel. I’m going to forgo rebuilding the front wheel because the demands on the front wheel are a lot less. To say the least this is disappointing situation, but this is the only flaw I have found with the bike, although it is a serious one. I get it, the bikes are built the China and if you don’t have a man on the ground monitoring the build quality process you’re going to get what you get. I’m sure they thought the design and build was fine. But to have it done locally, buy a shop that I have dealt with over the years and too know that they will stand behind the repair and it’s going to be done better than right, I’m good with it. Probably something rad City should investigate. Just a heads up for you future rad City bike buyers. Update; Rad Power Bikes says it’s not a design flaw and normal for bikes to need a tune up adjustment after 100 miles. So whatever it is I’m having it fixed. Still happy with the purchase.

Repair is done, by Velocity Wheel and Alger Bike Shop. RPB said this was possible warranty work, we’ll never know. Still happy that I bought the bike and I still believe that it’s the best deal out there in its class.

Lenny7118 says:

Hi, Thanks for the great video and the other videos that you did on the bike. I’m having the same issue as others deciding between the RadRover and Radcity. I know you’ll say its all about the type of environment that I’ll be riding on. I’ll be in the city 90% of the rides with very steep hills to go up and down. I read something that contradicts what you said about the motors, I’ll add the link below. So I am in my 60’s 6’3” 177 so I am 1 inch over Rad’s sizing chart for the RadRover but Rad says it should be ok. I also read that the direct drive motors are more efficient and last longer than the geared motors and the direct drive motors have more power and torque! That’s in the link below.
Can you tell me also are the tires on the Radcity really that thin and are they grippy enough compared to a 4” tire. Let me know your thoughts other than using the bike on city roads vs off road use. What else can I use to help me decide ? Thank you very much.

Fred L. Gibson, Jr. says:

Very nice review! I am trying to decide between a RadRover and a RadCity Bike. You gave me more to think about.

Jb says:

Too much wind noise

Paul DeCrans says:

How long does it take to charge the battery?

kilativ says:

hi! does your charger get hot when charging the battery?

Kekoa Davidson says:

How did you get the hub motor to hit 24mph? I have a Radwagon and the hub motor stops at 20 mph

007vsMagua says:

Thank you for the very good review. I’m pretty sure this is the bike I want to get. I’m 66 and 6 feet tall with long legs and I think this bike would be a good choice for me to get back into biking again. Your thoughts on regen are very helpful and I’ve always thought that a gearless hub motor is what I want not only for its properties but because it’s also quieter.

Thomas Gehlhaus says:

Is there a throttle? And how fast and far can you go? Thanks

Suzy Thompson says:

Hey! Nice video. I like the review. I was in the market a month ago for a new ebike and did look at Rad but ended up going with a PIM Electric bike. They seemed to have a lot higher quality component spec for the same price. Rad is a cool company so was a little bummed the bike wasn’t up to my personal standards but I am a picky buyer. PIM doesn’t have a cargo yet so might look to rad for that just wish they would upgrade the parts.

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