Review: 2019 BMW R nineT Urban G/S is a new bike with an old soul

2019 BMW R NineT Urban G/S might just be its most charming bike yet, even if its name is a little unsettling for classic G/S fans. Is this the modern classic you’d been waiting for? Read the full review –

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Metal says:

Loving it, but I love my Scrambler the most.

Max Smith says:

Next time maybe do a full voice over instead of subtitles and barely legible voice. Good video though

Dennis Dowd says:

Of course the biggest issue I have with bikes like this is that the rider is very exposed. Any mistake on the part of the driver or on the part of another vehicle might easily mean the death of the bike rider. Though surely your death is a horrible thing to contemplate, as someone who have worked in trauma for years it is the partial survival of an accident on such a vehicle that might prove to become a true nightmare. Waking up in a hospital ICU, connected to a ventilator and finding you no longer have any feelings in your legs or arms is a reality that mark the almost end of the joy of having a fully function body. Finding out also that your ability to breathe is something you can not do on your own for the rest of your life is also a extremely frightening concept. I personally would like more engineering that might allow survival percentage to increase in case of an accident. We have done with cars and I feel it is time we make more of an effort to do so with motorcycles.

Dakota James says:

More of this please!

Aaron Blankenship says:

Great production, I really enjoyed it. But the subtitles do distract from how good the rest of the video and audio is. Film the on bike stuff at 4k and stabilize it some in post, as well as dub as much audio as possible even if faking live audio.

crossandshoot says:

more bikes pleeeeeaaaaaaassseeee

Roger Phillips says:

Fantastic review. It’s great to see a real rider out on the open road giving the viewer a real sense of what the BMW is really about.

Hunter Burge says:

More bikes!!!!!

Yathu prem says:

Man love it. btw the price as per google research is 12995 + 500 destination

Jay Tweezy says:

Great video as always Mr. Stevens but the subtitles though? Voice over is just fine there as really no need to Do the review while driving or riding. It’s a trend in auto Videos I don’t get doesn’t look safe.

blitzbbffl says:

Yes, more bike coverage!!

Paul Ho says:

Daddy Tim Stevens can do no wrong.

VTECheart says:

Great video! More Moto coverage please

Jonathan Victorica says:

I don’t want more bikes. I want more Cooley on cars

Aparicio Victor says:

Yes to Roadshow Motorcycles

Sanandan Kinkar says:

More bike’s please!!!

Dean Klein says:

For what it costs, buy an original R80G/S (note proper designation) and restore it. I have owned 5 R80G/S. Across the US 5 times, Canada, NZ, OZ…. and you won’t be married financially to the dealership and you can fix the thing yourself. No longer true of modern BMWs.

vinay bhat says:

Good review. More bikes anytime.

zulkifli ahmad says:

Wasted my time to see this.

Aaron Fink says:

Excellent review and I hope more bikes are to follow!

Spillow says:

Sincere question: how do the Roadshow journalists make a living? Clearly, their Youtube presence is in its infancy and not generating anything substantial.

Werner Larrobis says:

Finally you guys are covering motorcycles!

Netz Hog says:

Nice video in many ways except the quality of the onboard recordings,, audio and visual are sub par, but I’m sure you’ll get it nailed next time:)

ObamaReally Suucks says:

and just WHY does he NOT mention the Price ?

Syed Abdul Wasay says:

OMG …… Automotive Pearl

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