Schwinn 700c Central Commuter Hybrid Bike Review

My review of the Schwinn 700c Central Commuter hybrid bicycle.


someparts says:

Other than paint and the light his is very similar to the Dodger model, for which there are no reviews anywhere right now. They put a low end shock on many of the nicer commuter models, so I consider these a better value as I don’t want a cheapo shock. Thanks for the review.

Leland Stiefel says:

hhhmmm…wonder if he is going to talk about the wheel bearings?

Read the Instructions says:

Would you be able to put both the seat and handle bars at the lowest and highest positions?
And then give us some measurements representing these positions from the ground up.
I find that it is more comfortable with the handle bars in a higher positions relative to seat height.

Damann 123 says:

I wanna buy this bike for riding to and from school. Do u think this is good for that? And can it be easily stolen?

brandon buttrey says:

Thanks for the review…

Halibut 1 says:

Nice video. For $300 it’s great. You can buy these at Walmart (assembled) for $289. They don’t tell you its size but it looks to be about 18″ frame maybe bigger. Also, it’s heavy, weighing 41 lbs (per Walmart website Q&A). Great features: gear shifters, disc brakes, fenders & rack—ready to go in any weather. Also, a very convenient integrated frame lock under the seat. I wish you filmed riding the bike around, w/ comments on brakes, tight turns, accelerating, gear-shifting, etc. Please post again. Later.

Suhni H. says:

Grate vid eh!

M. Read says:

Great review, I appreciate all the details.

Steve Rickard says:

Very nice review. I have ordered one and expect delivery soon.

zappy008 says:

i hope sumone steals it for having so many adverts on your video

Justis Strong says:

I was considering purchasing this bike before I watched your video. Now I’m still considering it. Any updates with your bike experience?

tangsta35 says:

Lost my hearing from the intro

Modular Origami says:

Excellent video, thank you for this Great  video(◕¸◕’ )

Pierre Louis says:

It’s still a crappy bike from Walmart. Even 250 dollars is too much. Because you will end up spend another 150 dollars at the bike shop in the long run.You can get a Raleigh venture for 329.99 at the bike shop.

Marie Slattery says:

on yer bike, sure it will probably snap in half with your arse on it

Mohammed Odeh says:

Lol at Canadian tire it is 199 Canadian

chessirecat79 says:

Great review Mate cheers to you.

Natalie Victoria says:

One of the best brands such as Schwinn aimed to introduce a new men’s bike that meets all the needs with best shock absorption Looking for the latest Hybrid bike reviews in:

Hmid Ramadhan says:

is this 19 in size right??

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