Six of the Best Urban Bikes 2014

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jamie steward says:

when i go onto the hey website it says its a malicious site, wtf

Nextto Aneclair says:

the best urban bike is the one your riding at the moment

djkenny says:

Trek Lync 5?

Mick J McFlynnington says:

dang, that Cannondale is ugly!

sugelanren says:

SO my Subway 2 wasn’t on the list?

List, bah.

Matthew Nelson says:

I didn’t know Michael Caine was into bikes 🙂

Miguel Henry says:

I’m highly interested in that belt design instead of the chain.

jhon3806 says:

U guys should quote the price and put the link .

Mick J McFlynnington says:

been riding a Fuji Comet, which has held up well for three years as both my daily commuter and all around primary bike. Steel frame, Nexus 3spd freewheel, 20″ wheels… added some old-school-style upright bars
and my old Brooks from a previous. Perfect for negotiating dense traffic, elevators, sidewalks, subways, parking, etc. If you get a chance to try one out, go for a spin. Also, it can easily be change to single speed, flip-flop, fixie, and, although three works for me, I assume you could change out the hub for one with more gears. I give the internal hub two thumbs up.

Robert Ostman says:

I am trying to design a rickshaw cargo trike, with a few modifications/ upgrades, I am trying to make it a tilting vehicle, with suspension and electric, able to move in the streets at rofly 30km per hr…  The idea is to put it online for free so any one can do it… this will be a great help and contribution to those poor ppl ho need it the most, yet can’t afford to buy a brand name one… I wonder if you could help bringing frame options to … so I and others can do the magic from there… next is a previous design of mine

Halibut 1 says:

here we go again… the BEST bikes… if money is no concern.   As if you’re riding something horribly inferior if it cost under $1000.   Take your conspicuous consumption and hide it where the sun don’t shine.

Charles Du says:

not sure if people have noticed but it says 6 of the best titanium bikes in the video, not urban bikes. 

Fateh Djazar says:


Halibut 1 says:

great bikes if 1) you can find a dealer, and 2) money is no object.

George Dacian says:

more like crocodile skin

ardeshir mistry says:

Lost me at snakeskin, bro.

Don Fraser says:

I’ll keep my Dutch Workcycle bike, the Dutch know bikes. Mine is not made to look at, but the more you look at it the more you see, ride it and you get it.

Leggo My Ego says:

“best” is relative I guess. For urban bikes I want something that doesn’t scream “steal me”.

Da Ying says:

Piers Morgan?

Vinsu Karma says:

all my claps for the bianchi because not all the cities are just plain.

Mihai Bandrabur says:

Rabeneick Niagara, what model is that? Can I find it anywhere? I can not even see some photos on google for it.

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