The 600 from Priority Bicycles | Pinion Gearbox powered commuter bike

The Priority 600 is an ‘All Road’ commuter bike that features the Pinion C1.12 gearbox, a transmission designed by former Porsche engineers. That means you get a bicycle that has a miniature automotive manual transmission. That comes with some perks – aside from the coolness factor – like a 600% gear range. That means you can finally get those super low lows without sacrificing the high gears. I can easily climb the largest hills in town with the 600. It’s so good that I rarely use anything lower than 4th gear. I normally reside in gears 4,8, or 10. In addition to the Pinion C1.12 gearbox The 600 features 650b WTB wheelset with 47c tires, a WTB saddle, a Dynamo hub to power the included front and rear lights. All this in a bike that weighs 31.8lbs. Only 0.4 lbs more than the Continuum Onyx.

Overall this is a great bike and well worth looking at if you have the coin to afford a $2200 bike. I already have the Continuum Onyx, and I though this would be a tough sale to get me to transition, and the onyx still a great bike – but this 600’s gear range and weight distribution has me wanting to take the plunge and buy one.

What do you think? Is the 600 from Priority and the Pinion gearbox a good deal, or is it overpriced? Comment below.

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This bicycle was sent by Priority Bicycles as a review bike on the terms that I could buy it if I like it, or return it if I do not.


Martin D says:


Roman P says:

Any ETA on the comparison to Continuum Onyx review? When you do review please make sure to weigh both bikes. Curious how much lighter Onyx is. Regarding shifting, what happens when you try shifting while pedaling? Just resistance and no shift or is there some sort of lockout? Thanks.

Humboldt Oregonian says:

What would happen if they used a geared hub at the same time to multiply the gear range?

Basic Dos Gaming says:

Where do I buy

frank doster says:

I want one, most pinion drive bikes i have seen are twice as much.

michael fraser says:

Is there any brazons for panniers or racks and if so would there be any heel or toe strike

yaknyeti says:

Did you run out of cadence on the top gears? In your estimate what was the highest speed you might have achieved on the top gears? Pinion P1.18 has eighteen gears and often recommended for touring with heavy load. But from your experience the C1.12 has ample pull on the lower gears. Guess this hub version would suffice for light weight touring. Thanks

Mike Gloss says:

I upgraded my priority dynamo light to a B&M IQ-X with B&M taillight, much better lighting. Dynamo tail lights are the way to go for city riding. I understand if you live in bike unfriendly city why you might want super bright blinking lights, despite them being annoying and distracting to other bikes and drivers.

ZuBlah says:

I’m seriously considering getting this bike, but have a couple of questions about it.

Rear hub engagement: Pinion has created the H2R rear hub for use with pinion gearboxes. The hubs have 120 engagement points. I guess the issue is that there is too much slack in the engagement otherwise (Due to a combination of slack between the gearbox and a regular hub). Did you notice this issue at all when riding this bike?

Pedal strike: I’ve heard that the bottom bracket might be a bit too low for off road or even just going quickly around corners. Was this a problem at all for you?

Did you set the tires up as tubeless? It seems that both the rims and tires are tubeless ready, and that is a big selling point for me.

What would you change about the bike if you had an extra $200 to spend?

Thanks for your time and help!

Leo Löff says:

If possible I would suggest to change the rear freewheel hub by a fixed one, as there is already one freewheel integrated in the gearbox. Saves you some extra grams. Also the front dynamo hub is very lousy. I donnot know whether you’re into wheelbuilding, but if so, change the dynamo by a shutter precision px-8. The bike will run much smoother and you can enjoy using your supernova light system without any feel of resistance by the dynamo.

Peter Warren says:

Yep overpriced compared to the continuum. For 1000 thats a good deal. As I’ve commented previously, the future is FS EBIKE with built in gearbox at the bb. No weight at the hubs. Bring it.

plainlogic says:

As an industrial mechanic I can really appreciate the Gates belt drive. I use, or rather replace, them regularly at work.

I also noticed the drive sprocket has a centered rib to keep the belt from wandering. The sheaves I usually work with are flanged to keep the belt on the sheave. A similar principle but the sprocket’s geometry would prevent accumulation of debris. It’s a thoughtful design.

EuVues says:

I saw a Craigslist for this bike for 1500… do I buy it?

Pedaling Pete says:

Great review. I love this bike…but… I agree, get rid of that noisy rear hub…just terrible. Yes to the trigger shifter. I would add only one thing…a USB charging port since you already have the hub. I would buy 2 right now with those changes. As a bicycle tourer, I also question the tire size. 650 is more expensive, has fewer choices, and are much harder to find out there on the open road.

polyrhythmia says:

Doesn’t sound too bad compared to 14-speed Rohloff hub. Gearing gaps must be fairly wide, though.

j says:

But, would you say this is your choice for a commuter bike? I have subscribed just to find out. I own a Priority Classic that I really like but to make the move to a $2200 bike is a big jump it better be the correct choice.

top walla says:

Hello Kev: Do you think this bike (frame) can perform as an off road touring (seatpost bag, handlebar bag) for a 2-3 days trip? I know this is a commuter bike but the pinion c1.12 is mostly used for high end mountain biking (eg zeroide, deviate, bike bauer, nicolai)

Chris Kroell says:


Musafir says:

Please see if you have time for any updates. Seems people are eager and curious about the internal hub, as am I

Spectre says:

you should review some ebikes too!

Jason Maynard says:

Are there any gravel bikes with the pinion system?

John Combs says:

Oh! Please for give. I really enjoy your channel. Your views on bikes are very the point of view of a person that doesn’t race. Doesn’t sell bikes. It’s the view point of a person just likes/loves bicycles. May i suggest testing a Felt speed. Also, a Gaezelle tour popular8? The felt is an interesting bike that compared to trek fx. Gaezelle? It’s a uility bike made in Holland. You ride one you’ll love it! Not fast. But, very very comfortable. I did 66 miles in 7 hours on it. Sorry. I enjoy biking for the fact it’s not expensive. You’re not adding to traffic problems. Or, adding a cloud of greenhouse gasses.

Paul Johnson says:

So, the complaints are that it has a real world lighting system and a color that doesn’t look like it came off a sports car? “Hey, let’s take a city bike, and make it wholly useless for city use!” Christ, thinking is what’s wrong with the north american cycling market right now… meanwhile I was thinking, “Hmm, could really use a luggage rack, bell and O-lock as standard equipment”.

lorence donaldo says:

id like to customize my bikes. for this instance i want to buy the frame. build the bike from there.

Smedley Butler says:

Awesome review best Ive seen!

jazz time says:

Let’s see if you can add a rear rack and panniers? No, not without heel strike, you need at least one pannier on the back. Touring?

Kaufeetimevideo says:

I like color, during the video I was wandering where I could get it powder coated. I can’t justify those $$ maybe someday I’ll find stolen one in a thrift store painted Suziki Yellow

top walla says:

Still waiting for Priority 600 vs Continuum Onyx shootout 🙂

Alan Moore says:

Interesting bike but not for me. I like to be able to fix my bike when it goes wrong and I wouldn’t know where to start with that Pinion gearbox.For me the beauty of bicycles lies in their simplicity .It costs way too much for my budget too.

Pushyhog says:

I like sturmey archer drum brakes. They make dyno hub too..

10 Minutes With Big Elvis says:

I would love to have one … What’s the weight capacity?

Top Secret says:

For a bicycle that costs $2,200, I think that being able to gear up on it like a car (mind you even on an automatic transmission a car needs to ‘clutch’ or detach the drivetrain from the gearbox, and that’s why there’s a third pedal on older vehicles where automatic clutches didn’t exist) is kinda cool, but I can see where you’re coming from in terms of unfamiliarity. I wouldn’t want to spoil you, but there’re (I just realized 2(that) mightn’t be a proper abbreviation, but in doing so I also put down more improper abbreviations…) cars that sell for less money (even though they require gas and eventually will over take this in price). On the other hand there has been people who’ve put motors on bikes, and if you put one on a priority bike like this I’m not sure whether you’d be performing sacrilege on a good bike, or you might end up getting a car on 2 wheels. Hope you see this comment!

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