The Perfect Winter Road Bike – Building Jack’s All-City Mr Pink

The All-City Mr Pink is Jack’s 2019 long term test bike. It’s made just the way he likes it, being made from steel and designed to be a versatile mile munching machine. He’s already spent plenty of time aboard it, so find out in this first longterm instalment if Jack and his Mr Pink are going to get along well in 2019.

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Jason Simpson says:

Nice build!

Ty Witt says:

Beautiful bike…. eerily similar to Fabio Para’s Kelm team Merckx

Tony Stanley says:

I’m interested to know if the lighter rim-brake fork gave you your desired increase in compliance/comfort over the disc brake fork? and also could this be achievable using 32mm tyres (and discs) instead of 28c with rims?

George Krpan says:

The Velo Orange steel disc forks are overbuilt but the steel disc fork on the Traitor Crusade is not and is lovely. VO got it so wrong. It would be hard to go back to rim brakes.

Nathan Brown says:

butt ugly bike…

Mark Munro says:

Rim brakes are fine. I understand your chainring set up. But why stop at 11-28? why not 11-25? Also what do you do for the 2 mins your lights have no power in them? i assume you have a 600lum torch for those initial few mins. Did you mention what 28c tyres you have? can you squeeze 30s in there? cheers

Norman Zielke says:

Very interesting build. I am playing with the buying a TI bike for endurance/audax riding (and maybe some light gravel). One of my current favourites is the Seven RedSky which also uses medium reach caliper rim brakes.

gulf city nicholas danca says:

I like it

Peter Baskind says:

You are correct about R7000 and R8000. I have quite a bit of both. They are darn-near interchangeable. Some parts are, indeed, identical. But I use discs. Because the Middle Ages are over.

Eliseo Lusian says:

Bike is peefect. Good job

Rob Martin says:

Was actually wondering if you could put 32’s on their with mudguards? With 45 mm mudguards there’s plenty of room. However, the clearance in the chainstays is the tell-tale sign. I think sometimes companies understate how much room there is for wider tires. Thanks. Great video. Enjoy. Best, Rob

M Jerz says:

Love riding a full steely with rim brakes – keep it classic and simple

Matt Newboult says:

Shouldn’t Mr Pink be a little more, er… pink? Why is it green?

Joe Bond says:

Try B&M (Busch and Mueller) lights. They have a very nice shaped beam (I think there are laws in Germany relating to beam patterns). I have a Sinewave Cycles light as well, but the beam pattern is much like the Exposure light you have.

Ken P says:

This looks so comfortable and proper!

adriboff1 says:

We all know rim brakes are the best! No complaints here!

Aqil Sidek says:

That looks like an absolutely beautiful all-rounder of a bike. I love the flexibility Jack has integrated into his build (like that really trick crankset).

stormeporm says:

Try the B + M Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U senso plus light I absolutely love it

A Mc says:

Thanks for this review Jack! I am faced with replacing my vintage 1980 Lotus Legend – I’m the original owner and I toured everywhere on it. The frame has always been just a bit too large for me, but I have made it work for decades and had the bike fully rehab’d in 2009 – new paint, new kit, kept the triple crankset, rim brakes. However I now find my aging back protesting the elongated top tube and wish to replace it with, well, that slightly smaller, better fitting frame, even considering a lighter custom frame and just transferring the kit over to save $$, unless I want to go with wider than 30mm tires. So I’m a fan of your rim brake decision. Discs are great and I would outright purchase them on a Fairlight Strael, but we both seem to value similar aspects of classic steel all-rounder road bikes. Decision, decisions. Looking forward to longer term review! #steelisreal #thesupplelife #justgetoutandride #itsnotjustaboutnumbers #keepitsimple

Cristian N Nicolescu says:

It;s well known the fact that disc brakes work much better in wet conditions than the rim brake but at the end of day the feeling is much more important and if one likes rim brakes then he will enjoy that ride no matter how ugly and rainy day it is.
I have a fantomatic Steelhasten Hybrid CX with hydraulic disc brakes and a Boardman Team Carbon with rim brakes. I feel good on both bikes.
Just ride and stay safe!

Lars3 says:

Does the rear light run off the dynamo as well, or is it a battery powered light?

Jordan Graff says:

A non pink Mr. Pink? Que?

Eliseo Lusian says:

Nice built . you went all in on it .

tflynn124 says:

Nice bike, steel is awesome i had a1977 raleigh grand prix back in the day and sold it 2 years ago and didnt really appreciate what i had.

Christopher Cornette says:

You’re not dumb for choosing rim breaks. You’ve just made the decision that an extra dozen yards or so to your stopping distance at speed in the wet is a trade off you’re willing to make.

TCX Choi says:

I like the c15. It’s also sproingy. they also come with a cutout now/

Christopher Cornette says:

Got to say, I was excited to watch this one. Hoping I’d find some tweaks for my touring/winter/rainy weather bike. Nope. The title should read something more like “…ultimate retro road bike…”

frederick sta ana says:

great looking frame.. no problem with rim break.. pro’s still use them

Kamil A Swi says:

Wow, what a beautiful bike!

Niccolò Rovano says:

Top cap?

BikeRadar says:

What do you think of Jack’s All-City Mr Pink. Has he built the perfect winter bike, or is there something which should be changed?

kierenkd says:

Great – I really enjoyed the video walkthrough

Bradley Craig says:

Klite makes awesome dynamo lights

ElliotErwit says:

You overtook me in Ashton Court the other week!…Ridiculously busy with people…Anyway, lovely bike! Have you weighed it?

Joseph Diaz says:

You must have some mild winters around you. Winters where I live would chew this bike up and spit it out. Clearance for 35-40mm studded tires and disc are a must for me. Been all ice this winter so far.

Mark von Wisco says:

Nice bike Jack!

I’m in the process of building up a similar bike. It’s a Surly Pacer frameset into a commuter/early season/loaded touring bike. I too am going with a full Shimano 105 groupset with rim brakes. No choice on the brakes, as the frame is designed for rim brakes. Wheelset is Bontrager Paradigm Comp TLR. The other bits will be a mix of Bontrager and used stuff to complete the build.

I should send you a photo when it’s done.

Sadly, it’s far too cold at the moment for longer rides. I live in Wisconsin. High/low temps are -15C/-28C before the windchill is factored in

Mark Player says:

It’s a beauty!

MrFunkeymonkey12 says:

Lovely steed. Any more info on the halo dynamo wheelset?

Claire Law says:

For dynamo lights, I am partial to the Bausch and Mueller IQ-X myself. I have it on a Parlee Chebacco with the same SP dynamo hub. It throws a fully shaped beam that basically makes the front of my bike look like a motorcycle and gives excellent visibility.

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