Top 10 Tips For Commuting By Bike

Save money, get fit and ride your bike! What’s not to love about commuting? Here are ten ways to make it even better.
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Commuting by bike is one of the best ways to get more out of your days in the office. It’s a great time to clear your mind ahead of – or after – a day at work, and, you can even use your commute for training.

Downsides? As long as your prepared we can’t really think of any. Don’t forget to to share this one with your colleagues!

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ilias 2405 says:

‘Commuting’ wears full cycle gear. Still a great vid

Chase Stapley says:

in Arizona when you meet another cyclist the first subject is always ‘how many times have you been hit?’ because most cyclists have been hit more than once. drivers suck ass here.

Miklós Bremer says:

The worst part about winter is all the salt on the road. It makes everything rust.

smallfr0sty says:

Yea, bike commuting isn’t dressing up in super spandex and riding like a maniac trying to meet the speed of cars. I bike to work on my 60 pound (weight) Dutch Omafiet, with cargo capacity to carry whatever I damn well please to work, and I also arrive without being a sweaty mess from riding like a crazy person on some lightweight racing bike. American and UK thinking of cycling being a “sport” when it comes to riding to work, is ridiculous. I’m American by the way.

Snight101 says:

do i also have to dress like a knobhead every time i ride a bike or can i skip that step?

old engine says:

Laughing in bed is surely a great way to start the day

Peter B. says:

Ride an old banger with indexed shifters. Get a rack. Get that stuff off your back. It will also keep the roost off your back. 3 rings in the front, 7+ in the back.

Graydon Buchleiter says:

This is mostly terrible advice.

AngelNerd says:

That’s a winter jacket??? HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaaah…ha…ha *cries in Canadian*

saufi0601 says:

Does anyone here commute to work in a tropical country? I don’t know how practical it is to commute 10km each way in 28-30degC with 70-90% humidity. Chances are I’m gonna sweat too much once I get to work.

EndorphinTherapist says:

Great tips! I have been commuting to uni/work since the start of the year and these tips are so relevant I wish I watched this earlier!

Janina Perez says:

Got other bikes at work and my bike gets treated to inside rest during work hours. Plus most hate bike riding

David Orser says:

One more commute treat.
About once per year I get a tractor on my route. Draft Time!

Gribbo9999 says:

I live in the tropics with no shower at work and no AC in my current office. Trick is to arrive early and sit in front of the fan until you stop sweating and before you change into office kit and then dry your cycling kit in the sun. Works for me with minimum stink (no colleague complaints yet after several years of tropical commuting!). I tend to ride home in my work shirt, which needs changing every day anyway , and wear a hiz-viz vest. That way I can save my jersey for several days use. Oh yes I also use panniers – great for lunch, small tool kit+spare tube , sunblock, mossy spray, computer if needs be, and for shopping on the way home. Apart from having much less volume, a back pack significantly reduces your cooling ability plus the pack gets smelly from sweat. On my full-suspension bike I use a seat-post rack (and yes, in Jakarta where I commuted for a good while, a full-suspension bike is great for commuting due to serious, often unexpected, not there yesterday pot -holes and being able to jump kerbs and median strips and sneak round the traffic chaos! Car *always* took 1+ hours, often a lot more, bike max 35 – 40 minutes for the 10km whatever the traffic state). The early start is great psychology too as you can be sitting cool as a cucumber when your colleagues arrive and you can take early run home, perhaps on a longer route for fun , from time to time with a clear conscience.

grimmar80 says:

Take a roll of food foil wrap. Cut it half with sharpest knife you have. “Bandage” your shoe (and right above) in case you forget overshoes. Never failed me yet (I live in Glasgow). No breathing, so not best in long cycle, but works up to 15 miles, not getting sweaty feet. PS: I commute un-clipped.

Sourabh Gaikwad says:

I am an engineer. I wear formals. yeah smelling sweat will a big problem in office. planning to buy mud guards for rainy season cause last rainy season i couldn’t get me out from spraying mud. i own a montra trance pro hybrid. also i have to carry a heavy bag with 2.5 kg laptop, its charger, year diary and a file containing important papers. its complex but I am looking forward to it.

Thomas O'Hara says:

How far do you guys think is too far to commute to work? i currently do a loop which is 13.8miles before and similar after work. I am moving house and will be 20.4miles from work. I am a bit apprehensive that this might be too much

Dooneegomaface Ifinnaspring says:

Why in the world would these panty waists call themselves commuters and wear aero suits in this vid? How absurd!

Kennethlalor says:

I cycle 900km a month riding to work
If you are thinking about commuting by bike I seriously recommend it.
Things I do every day because of my bike,
1 – speak to myself on my bike and clear my head of any thoughts (Psycho)
2 – say bye bye to my car (save money on fuel and maintenance)
3 – look at the traffic on the motor way
4 – get my cardio in on the way to work
5 – sit on my porch and have my coffee with my cat before my ride meowww
6 – feel amazing
7 – feel amazing
8 – feel amazing
Cycling can be an amazing part of your life but be careful and stay aware on the road.
My tips would be “don’t use earphones ever”
Invest in really good riding clothes and footwear. (do not go cheap here as the cold is horrible)
Safe riding guys and gals!!!!!

internet-user says:

waterproof is an adjective ya crazy brit

Deckard Shaw says:

where are the normal commuter bikes? Nose to the frontwheel does not allow you to enjoy the surroundings. Take a peek overhere. Best regards from Holland. And while I’m at it, where are the cycle lanes:-)?

monkeh88 says:

i love cycling with a road bike, its awesome

Christopher 051 says:

i got myself those cheap „theft-safe“ pentagon-nut axles from amazon. after securing and setting up everything, i simply take my soldering torch and fill up the holes for the pentagon- or even hex-keys with soldering lead… its a pain in the ass if something happens on your way, but there is no way a bikethief would go through the risk of working with a soldering-torch on a locked up bike. especially at night, this would drag way to much attention on him.
i have a steel frame though, so in dont know if this works for carbon or aluminium stuff

choco bananas says:

In my town most people ride mountain bikes and even sometimes downhill bikes on the road

Han-Lin says:

Use dry lube? They may make chains last longer because they attract less dirt.

Julian Lam says:

As a Canadian… that ain’t a winter jacket.

Institoris Institoris says:

What type of bike they are riding offroad in this video?

Justin Miller says:

Here in the states.. we only trust tutorials featuring brits

Sean Meehan says:

lol Matt’s typing 4:41-4:45


All those graphic novels?
Whose place is it?

John ivan Hurboda says:

I love this video ahhaha

Andrew Cook says:

I wish I could do road bikes. The seats are agony and the clips terrifying

Sajeeda Khatoon says:

pro tip : wear a jacket, cause that wind freezes you to a -100 degrees.

seckin bilgic says:

ciddi anlamda duş olayını çözmek lazım.

Sideshow Bob says:

rack and waterproof pannier.

mother trucker says:

Well i was ready for commuting to collage first time after doing research/watching gcn commuters guide, i hit on the road very excited, it was 15 km distance but aye. i didn’t know drivers would be that ignorant and rude on my city. people rushing to work 9 a.m. really makes them angry and ignorant. so anyway, i got pushed to the barriers by a car when i was on safelane, ruined my first day at school.

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