Top 5 – Stealth Bikes

If the road bike industry has taught us one thing in the last few years, it’s that the coolest, fastest and most cutting-edge bikes will usually be black, or – if the designer is feeling exceptionally flamboyant – black with tiny accents of colour.

In no particular order, here are five of our stealthy favourites


Louis Irwin says:

I love stelth bikes as I am Mexican. there great to get across the border without with low profile

MichaelTV44 says:

MTB is better than road

Chi M says:

WOW – Bikeradar team/editors… You guys tried SO HARD not to include any Black Inc. bikes, huh?? I mean, a Parlee ESX and a Scott Mountain bike OVER a SuperSix EVO Black Inc.?? Really??? Laughable, and you know it……

Exilnorddeutscher says:

They forgot the TREK Domane 6.9 Disc, without any questions my personal number one stealth bike on the market today. Another one they skipped is the Cannondale Synapse Black Inc., not quite as cool as the TREK but also an eye-catcher.

fiskenCPL says:

Atleast wipe the bikes with a cloth or something..

ben dunne says:

Where is the new Orbea Orca OMR ?

vivalaphill says:

equality for Cars and BIKES! my car weighs 4000 pounds and my bike cost 4000 pounds.

Phillip Woody Shepherd says:

Ribble r872… but then again your sponsored so you’re biased…

sprintermaximus says:

Like Parlee, but hate the lines of that one.

powermichiel says:

No R8 ? Shame on you !

daAnder71 says:

Speaking of stealth, please remove the Darth-Vader-style tea candles from the stems.

podderz says:

How there is not Giant propel in there is a nuts. Slickest looking bike around

gilo green says:

parlee is lush, fuji is horribo! glad my bike is so stealth it stayed below the radar. straight outta lockheed skunk worx

LAL00O00 says:

You guys missed the 2014 Specialized Enduro expert Carbon.

BuyASkateboard says:

Where can I get 12k weave carbon headset spacers like on the specialized s works? I have been looking EVERYWHERE online, but no luck.

mojaveman says:

Aw man BR. Why you gotta tease us twice like this.

karan kapoor says:

Damm,,alll bikes are damm cool,,love it

Ernest Paul says:

Stealth bikes are the best, the most minimal logos as possible and must be all black so that you could go crazy on your kit without looking too matchy matchy lol

Muhammad Jawwad says:

nice series

Joshua Wilson says:

My Specialized Allez has white lettering, what I’d do to get those graphics black :(. Don’t want to risk painting it myself, though.

Chris says:

Specialized’s Allez Comp of this year – in the OPQS team colours – was a sexy stealthy looking bike. Matte black base with white Specialized logos and white and torquise stripes. 

Jules Doyen says:

you already did this video

Jamesaka2 says:

Personally, I’m getting sick of black bikes… everybody has one!  My road bike is due for paint next week!  Thinking black chain & seat stays, light purple frame, and a bright red fork!  I have a white stem with white hoods & I have a black saddle with a red stripe!… gonna look sick I think!

Blackbird says:

missed B9 NH Black Edition Urban Stealth by BME

Nick C says:

This is top 5 expensive stealth bikes. I have a Marin muirwoods 29er stealth black and only cost £280

Phoenix Cho says:

TMR 사기전에 라이트웨이트 프레임 알아보고있었는데.. 이 영상보니 다시 생각나네요

jegford says:

Canyon make some sick looking stealth bikes, and you couldn’t clean the Fuji first?

Tristram Webb says:

im just gonna take an old bike and spray it black

Calvin Rowaan says:

Please clean your bikes

Tory Smith says:

That Tarmac is so nice.

Robinhood Portfolio says:

Hope my stock picks perform, really want #3.

Luke Murray says:


Rishabh G says:

“mere 4,000 pounds”

inkchase says:

a dirty bike, really? 🙂

Photo says:

cervelo R3d?

Mrrootsfull says:

I unsubscribed……this video shows how stupid people are trying to keep subscribers and likes. Nobody is gonna take you serious anymore….a top five of black bikes!? I sence the colors green, red, yellow, pink will follow? Tssss, dumbasses

hxduck says:

is this a reupload?

123456bmx says:

Top 5 track bikes!!!!!!

memybikeandfriends says:

Where are all the bikes in this video?  I hear a guy talking, but I can’t see any bikes.

Microage says:

Black only looks so shitty. Would rather have a celeste or something red, orange etc.

Serge Z says:

I have the specialized Roubaix SL4 with the zerts 2016 model black-awesome bike.

c'est theurhou says:

do you know the Facet 5 ?
super stealth

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