Urban Arrow Family Video Review – Electric Cargo Bike Designed for Hauling Kids Around

http://electricbikereview.com/urban-arrow/family/ Electric cargo bike specifically designed to transport children with EPP foam box and seat belts, low-step design makes mounting and stabilizing the bike easy for the rider. The Urban Arrow Family ebike uses a reliable, well balanced centerdrive motor from Bosch and offers three levels of pedal assist but no throttle. Great accessories and optional upgrades include SKS fenders, LED lights, Hebie chain guard, bell and hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power.


Lysle Basinger says:

I can’t believe that I have just seen this in 2017. It’s cool and looks real well made.

Battle X Moving Accounts says:

jesus for that price just get a used car.

nhoj yesdnil says:

American’s need at least one hp that is 750 watts! This bike will not climb steep hills at all.

grovapa says:

The 250 watt engine is due to european regulations which states that vehicles with a higher than 250 watt engine is to be considered a moped.

Ren M. says:

Would love to get a cargo bike, but they are so expensive. It ends of being cheaper to buy a bike trailer even though the cargo bike is more streamlined.

Andrew Thomas says:

You never say h0w fast they go

nhoj yesdnil says:

Does the motor have gears built into the crank mechanism? IE: Motors do not give as much power as is stated unless they are moving faster than you can crank.

psychicOJ says:

Wow!! Thanks, that helped a tremendous lot! I have a two-year-old and i’m currently out shopping for a cargo bike. I didn’t know about that “shorter, non-cargo” option this bike has!! Although I’m not sure I would ever give up my newfound cargo freedom 🙂 I live ini between like 3 supermarkets and still have to haul my groceries by car simply because – duh – it holds all my stuff!. It would be soooo cool to switch soon. Thanks again and keep up the good work 🙂 Oh and get a helmet camera what you were doing is seriously unsafe, buddy ;)))

Anonymous says:

cool bike, is like a transformer lol and two wheels that’s interesting for a cargo

SharkBike says:

I’ve got one. Had it for five months now. It’s fantastic. The motor flattens all hills and I still have a reasonable rate of speed with two kids (4 and 6) in it. I have had four in it (my two plus two big 9 year olds) and it goes a lot slower. Do my shopping with it , go to work after dropping my eldest off at school. Even taken one of the (95kg) guys seven miles back into the city from our place of work. I use my car a lot less now and pretty much never in the city

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