Urban vs Flat bar vs Hybrid Bikes Explained

Recreational bikes are designed for road, fitness, commuting and general use, requiring them to be versatile, durable and comfortable. The most common type of recreational bikes are flat bar road, hybrid and urban bikes, and while they may look the same, all of them have different features that affect their performance, ride characteristics and purpose.

To help highlight the differences in each bike, we have selected some specific examples. For the flat bar road bike, we picked the Merida Speeder 100; a Merida Crossway 100 is our example of a hybrid bike; and the Norco Indie as the chosen example of an urban bike.

A more in-depth guide on the differences between flat bar road, hybrid and urban bikes is available on site.

https://www.bikeexchange.com/blog/ (US)
https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/blog/urban-vs-flat-bar-vs-hyrbid-bikes (AUS)
https://www.bikeexchange.co.uk/blog/ (UK)
https://www.bikeexchange.ie/blog/ (Ireland)
https://www.bikeexchange.co.nz/blog/urban-vs-flat-bar-vs-hyrbid-bikes (NZ)
https://www.bikeexchange.de/blog/ (Germany)

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The Scrolls Hunter says:

I’m starting to realize that the bike I just ordered is a flat bar, not a hybrid

Z3phyr says:

What bike would I buy for an “Urban Assault” bike for less than 500$? Used is fine.

juan colombia says:

Great reviews thank you

Silly Plamen says:

Great info indeed! Well assembled and very pleasant to watch. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

3Daddicted says:

Great information. Thanks for sharing!

J Borg says:

Dirt roads aren’t light trails. A Dual Sport Hybrid can handle a lot more than that, you can go on actual trails, you just can’t go as fast on them.

Any bike can be ridden on a dirt road/path with little to no problems. Hell, I’ve gone on some trails with my flat bar that has slicks on it.

FatRetardedPOS says:

Only 6k subs. This is good channel.

pumpertube says:

The music is too loud for this guy’s MUMBLING.

Al Gamer says:

I’m planning to get or build a hybrid which I can ride in paved and gravel roads. Is building a bike worth it? My budget is $400.

Kenistan Moraes says:

What Frame size is the Merida and Wats the riders height??

Steve Warris says:

just ride! i raced with a flatbar bike, using a 8 speed internal hub over 100k. and i was at similar speed compared to my aeroroadbike.

Keith l says:

This video is very useful. It covers a great many characteristics about bike and will definitely help people make an inform decision. Many people such as myself can’t afford multiple bikes so the initial decision is critical to at least cover the intended purpose.

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