Vilano Diverse 4.0 Review

The Vilano Diverse 4.0 is a hydraulic disk equipped hybrid with belt drive and an internal-geared hub selling for under $500 – these are my thoughts after a month of owning it.


Tom Dodge says:

A most helpful review! Based on the features you pointed out I bought one. And I love it! However, I must comment that I find the highest ratio afforded by the belt setup much lower than I ‘m used to with my chain drive bikes. I queried Vilano tech support to see if they could provide a larger front sprocket — to no avail. Nor did they have any suggestions as to how/where to source a larger sprocket. Just a few more teeth on that front sprocket would be a great help toward a more acceptable higher speed ratio. So if you or any of your respondents have ideas to share re a sprocket upgrade/replacement, I’d find that most helpful.

Other than the lower speed implied by the small front sprocket, I love this lightweight aluminum bike. Shifting is quick and quiet. No more chain to spray lube on my socks and on the rear wheel rim. I did replace the hand grips and the seat, as you apparently found desirable. Lastly, this was my first bike with disk brakes and they proved light to the touch and far more reliably responsive than the caliper brakes I’ve long been familiar with.

Mr. Bigg says:

Great video, I really enjoyed your review! I do have a question though. I’m about 6’4-6’5 and I noticed that you are a little hunched over. The reason I ask is because I’ve had a lower back surgery over 2 years ago and being hunched over doesn’t help lol on top of having the extra weight on my wrist. Is this because the handle bar is flat? Can the handle bar be risen or switched out?

Matt Herndon says:

Love the review, thanks! I’m considering this bike for my wife, she’s 6 feet tall, do you think she’d fit the 57 cm model? I’m 6’4″ and might want to take a spin on it too, but I’m afraid even the 57 might be too small for me. Also, have you tried riding it offroad any, if so what are your thoughts?

Alejandro Cuervo says:

Thanks for the honest review. I enjoyed it.
Two questions,
1) I would like the bike to be completely black. Can the decals be easily removed, or are they underneath a clear coat of paint?
2) How is the belt holding up?

Ted G. says:

Thank you for the excellent review on this under appreciated bike. I bought one off Amazon and had it shipped to the border for pick up. I’m very happy with the bike and only had minor issues with a couple of loose spokes that made a rotational noise. I upgraded the pedals and will add a steering tube extension for a preferred more upright riding position. The equivalent bike in Canada is the Cube Hyde racer @ $1498.00 so the Vilano 4.0 is a undisputed value at under 500.00 USD. Could you please help other Vilano 4.0 owners by posting the Gates drive belt part number you discovered. The local industrial drive suppliers think the belt is proprietary to Vilano. Thanks in advance! Cheers…

Californian John says:

Great Review. I’m looking forward to your video on the Vilano brand. I’m intereated in the same bike but I can’t find info on the brand, so I’m a bit weary

george haskell says:

Great review;
 I too bought it since the drive train components were worth twice the price of the whole bike. Overall extremely happy with the bike. It did come missing two brake bolts and my text to the company went unanswered. Easily found compatible bolts but would have liked a reply. More of an issue for me is finding a replacement belt. Printing on mine was smudged and can’t find any info or source for it. Have you found a source? Doesn’t look compatible with Gates belts and at $94 not willing to guess. I don’t even have tooth, length info. Thanks for any help. G

Californian John says:

How much does the bike weigh and for what size frame? I realize you changed components but would like to know if it’s under or over 30lb with the heavier internal gear hub (Shimano Alfine 8-speed = 3.62lb).

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