VoltBike Elegant Video Review – $1.3k Affordable Urban Commuter with Throttle

https://electricbikereview.com/voltbike/elegant/ The VoltBike Elegant is an exceptionally affordable, feature rich electric bike, built around an approachable frame that’s easier to mount and stand over, offers pedal assist and throttle override operation. The battery pack is protected by the top tube, positioned low and center along the frame for balance, can be charged on or off the bike, and has a USB charging port for accessories. Fairly comfortable thanks to a basic suspension fork, adjustable angle stem, and ergonomic grips, the Kenda tires are basic (no reflective paint or puncture protection) but offer a good PSI range and hybrid tread. Entry-level derailleur with a bulky shifter, basic mechanical disc brakes that require more hand strength to actuate than hydraulic, bouncy and somewhat noisy fenders, only one frame size.


Mr Jhonny says:

6th like!!!

vernon gordon says:

I thought this was a Surface 604 Rook at first glance, however the differences are quite obvious.Great review again. Keep up the good work.

Olivier Sourie says:

Will you be visiting Chris in NY again this autumn? Have you seen the new Delite and Supercharger form R&M? It would be nice to see a review of these bikes form you!

Yes Yes says:

Bro can you please review one of those generic Ancheer or whatever they go by now on Amazon. Wal-Mart sells them too. Mountain bike and folding one. I know it’s cheap parts but I’m still waiting on that review.

Bruce Ballad says:

wow. This is a really nice package for the price.
I have some interest in bafang kits. They are easy to fix and find parts of them. They are modular and inter changeable too. You can change the screen with a colour one or smaller one and you can change the motor with a bigger or smaller one.

Normally you use a bafang as a conversion kit. So you have exposed battery, cables and ugly look. But this bike has the purpose build frame and the parts on it also offer every thing in a level. I can’t think a part that you need to buy to complete this bike. It has even a charging port and adjustable stem. Those are exactly my taste of quality of life touches.

Of course, you can always change the parts with their better variations. It is a complete starter bike. I am really impressed. Man, I want one.

Dave's Outdoors Adventures says:

Hi Court,Nice buget class 2 bike for the newbie in to the electric bike community .The tires are cheap but you can get schwable tires 26×2.0 with k guard from £12-£16 / $15-$20 each (not a deal breaker ) from ebay/amazon.Nice head unit/motor,many standard parts from any bicycle outlet.cheap as chip = many happy miles……… 🙂 ATB,Dave

Lynn Recker says:

Court, you mentioned that the software controller allows a person to lower the speed for the bike (in all or select?) levels of pedal assist. May I suggest a reason why that might be desirable. You often mention often that you enjoy the idea of using the throttle to get that ‘push’ off of a stop (stop sign/light, etc). There could be people for whom an electric bike in a level of pedal assist (as chosen by the user) offers that same boost to their cycling experience. Such a person might be able (and happy) to move their ebike at 10-15mph without any pedal assist in a commute or well-travelled circuit and only desire any motor pedal assist from standstills or on the occasional hill at a lower speed. It’s sort of more to the human side of the human/electric hybid idea in using an ebike. The only thing I would hope that the bike would allow would be that one could lower that top speed in just one (any one) selected pedal assist level. And with 9 this bike would allow for a good selection in which one could tailor your commute/circuit (or multiple circuits) to the pedal assist level and if a higher speed is neccessary one could simply change the pedal assist level (if changing the speed doesn’t do it in all). Just an idea about lowering that speed.

NFmangatoo says:

This bike has a lot of features. I think it’s a nice bike. Nice video.

G Abesames says:

Thank you for all your e bike reviews. I watched them all in trying to decide which to purchase and learn about them. I initially had a Hype from Juiced bikes already in my cart, but they upped the price that went over my budget just before I hit the buy button. lol…. I actually ended up, ironically enough, with an e bike you haven’t yet reviewed, an M2S All Terrain Kush. I’m now awaiting for delivery ETA the 15th of Sept. 2017. I based my decision mostly on your insights and discussions to formulate my choice. I hope I chose well, and again thank you very much for your reviews. Cheers, Greg

Yes Yes says:

Is this a female bike? I read somewhere the reason the frame above pedals is dropped like that because in 1900s ladies wore skirts and that made it easy for them to ride bikes. It made frame less durable but manufacturers still kept this style even though skirts aren’t in fashion anymore.

Daniel S. says:

Yeah price is really nice in this one. For commuting only seems a very nice option. I like it. Nice

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