Which bike should you choose? Hybrid vs Road

Adjusted volume version: https://youtu.be/K7lfoOC_Toc
(you all asked and so here it is!)

Don’t know which type of bike would be best for you on an upcoming bike tour? DuVine’s Stephane and Cannondale’s Merton explain the differences of a hybrid bike versus a road bike.

Come ride with us:

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Rudra Murthy says:

Can we convert a hybrid by changing to drop handle, if so what would be the riding comfort

Erik Stronghold says:

That background music ruined the crap out of it! I couldn’t understand what that guy’s saying.

eiendiaies your_ufo says:

road bike is quickest, but have lowest durrability, can go only on flat roads. Hybrid its just a little slower but can go anywhere. Mountain bikes are for extreme paths in mountain or in woods. Hybrid i think its best for price and for fun.

Jon Rose says:

Thanks this was useful but difficult to hear over the music

Julla says:

Come on dude, speak into the mic next time.

Sean Armao says:

I bought a Raleigh venture 3.0 used. It has helped me get the feel for riding all the time and I really enjoy it, but want to upgrade. Do not want a full on road bike, not ready for that speed and physical endurance. Have been looking at Cannondale quick cx 3 or 4, or the specialized crosstrail, or the cannondale quick. What would you recommend under $800? I will do more road riding, but want to go a little off road at times to keep the enthusiasm going.

M Vdb says:

I have an really good hybrid bike and I usually go about 35 kph and I am 12 years old (:

Y J says:

i could only hear “blah blah pretty much wraps it up blah..” LOL

MANUTD4LIFE171 says:

If you are a serious racer then get a road bike, but I think the majority of people will be better suited to the hybrid. Road bikes are great if you just ride on smooth roads all day, but the majority of places are not like that.

Yoga Prasidya says:

I’ll stick to XC

Leah Maceo says:

I could hear perfectly fine lmbo

letun3481 says:

music is too loud 🙁

M Vdb says:

But my record is 52 kph (:

John Peter says:

Why the musack?
I’ll pass on this video.

Drift Tv says:

is the gearing any different on road bikes than hybrids?

Christina Krysiak says:

I’m just getting into cycling and had been using my moms Nishiki hybrid. I’d really like to get a road bike but a) Don’t think I can afford it haah and b) I live in Michigan; so the roads aren’t always perfectly smooth. Suggestions??

Torr Tyle says:

Not very clear voice

Cartoon In Hindi says:

what is the name of the bicycle which have no gears .
only front breaks nd foot breaks ..

DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. says:

It’s loud and clear some volume adjusting is necessary. Please find the revised version here >>> https://youtu.be/K7lfoOC_Toc. Hope you all find this video helpful!

Talha Umar says:

music is too loud

juan colombia says:

Thanks for sharing the video.was good for commuting 13 miles for work

All that green says:

would of been a good video except I had to turn it off due to the stupid decathlon sounding theme tune in the back ground. Never understood why anyone one would want to to give an informative video and play music. Would a school give a maths lesson and play music?? NO

Oliver Lane says:

I can get upto really high speeds on my hybrid , I am thinking about joining a club and I dont want to be put of by most riders having a road bike. Shall I get a road bike or will a hybrid be fine ?

Alchemy of Music says:

Music is cool but you can barely hear the guy talking even with headphones.

Microage says:

Big difference there: Hybrid bikes make me facepalm, road bikes make me happy.

MichaelLeung2011 says:


MrBusta says:

The music was bloody loud

Dkos mtb says:

I chose mountain

Tadas Petrokas says:

why the music is so loud???

Armando Origel says:


Dan C says:

unwatchable, awful music

Allah Turbo says:

What the fuck was they thinking when they edit the video, is this a bicycle video or music video?

Ted Hartman says:

Music is so annoying on this video.

Max Dmytriyev says:

why even have background music, i cant make sense of what the guy is saying

weed master says:

I’m only fifteen with a part time job but I wanna get a new nice bike under the 250 dollar range. I want a bike just for casual transportation for school or to the mall. I live in Toronto so it’s pretty urbanized but sometimes I’m at the park on grass or on dirt. So I guess a hybrid fits my needs. But most of my friends have those small ‘bmx’ bikes… Anyone know any cheap companies for hybrid bikes? Please help!

Aston Bright says:

Electric bike lol. Just brought a momentum electric bike. Bloody cheating I know but love the fact I burn everyone off the lights.

Vegan Fruit Dude says:

thank you and great music choice.

Moon Pie says:

For many people, especially just starting to ride (again) a road bike is not likely how you want to start out. The most difficulty people find with a true road bike is the forward lean the bike is designed for. While roadies have become accustomed to and want the more aggressive position a noob will find it hard to do. If you are overweight you will also find the forward lean uncomfortable. The drop handlebars themselves are fine and I find the several positions on the bars to be better than straight bars. I ride mountain bikes too so I use both. On my MTB bike that I race on I have shorty bar ends that offer more positions and help greatly when climbing steep hills. These also offer a rider alternate positions on the road as well.

djkenny says:

Touring Bike with 2 sets of brakes on drops, with a shorter and taller stem. Hybrid width tires. More upright, good hand position options, stable, and a bike you can put a set of albatross swept back bars on if desired or just a riser stem. Lots of options.

allgoo19 says:

Cyclocross bikes and gravel grinder, high performance all purpose bicycles are getting more popularity.
Bicycle makers should take notice that the majority of buyers don’t race with it but they just want high efficient utility bicycles.

DDogDylan 1217 says:

I live in Cambridge Massachusetts and that is in Harvard Square I go there all the time

Alexey Hapov says:

Hey guys, don’t listen to all these haters. You’ve made a great music video! Just next time get rid of that guy talking on the background…

normalperson754 c; says:

Just get a multi use bike, it’s basically a road and a mountain and more bikes combined into 1

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